Friday, November 23, 2007

Neighbors: Chicago Edition

While waiting for the pictures from last night's neighborhood pie party to come about, I will just post these from a few weeks ago when Liz (below, top right) was in town. My neighborhood has been pretty tight since we've lived there (19 years)- Liz (mother of Danny, Kari and Michael) lives two doors down from us in Memphis and was in Chicago recently for a teacher's conference at McCormick. As I may have mentioned before, Chicago has a lovely little trifecta of Shady Creek delegates in myself, Lexi (Danny's longtime girlfriend, top left) and Lisa (top right), whose family lives another three down from Danny's. We get together about once a month to drink a lot of wine and laugh our asses off. Liz's arrival in town was no exception. Liz, along with her friends/colleagues Betsey and Amy, invited us down to the Hyatt for happy hour. A couple glasses of wine later, the group set off for Quartino- a great place in River North for small-plate Italian. You can see the full group below, also joined by Lisa's fiancee, Dave, who did surprisingly well with the estrogen influx.

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