Thursday, November 15, 2007

Orange Envelopes- Why do they make such an ugly thing a happy color?

I think I must have thrown off my chi with the early morning last night. Had a great day at office with a very pleasant surprise publish and a good meeting. Then it hit. I got pulled over on my way home for talking to my Mom on my cell phone. I was in the process of putting her on speaker but the cop wanted none of it. They take your license and it's a forced court appearance. No wonder the city has no public transit funds...this is how they want to spend their $$$??Anyway, insult to injury, Western was all of unmoving on my way to RV and I ended up eating my "Feel Better" Coast take-out in my lap in the car. With chopsticks. Wonder what Officer Paddy Wagon would say to THAT?The good news is that once I got it, everyone had eaten and was in a fabulous mood. We played Old Maid, Hearts, PJ Dance Party, sang songs from Wizard of Oz and did sock slides a la Risky Business.
Morning Update: I slept like a rock till about 3:30 when Max had a bad dream. Poor thing was not happy and I'm sure having my mug over the crib instead of his Mom's didn't help matters. He did go back to sleep though. Until 6 when there was no arguing that it was time for some Noggin, an English muffin with apple butter and scrambled eggs (Me but "shared"). Dyl had oatmeal with chocolate chips and then off to school. But not before they found the camera on the good ole laptop...How adorable are they?? You can thank their Mom for that one!


Jenn said...

I've never known anyone who got pulled over for talking on their phone since that became a law. I did see a copy driving around while on his phone though. Hypocrite much?

camille said...

ohhh no!!!! yeah it took me two months to get my license back, not even kidding.
good luck... how much was it?? i heard that cell phone tickets were $400!!

ToKissTheCook said...

$50 I believe but who knows why there is a mandatory court date. Maybe I'll make a new friend in lock-up.

Emily said...

You poor thing!! The peanuts are A-DORABLE.

Susie said...

I love Coast! Whenever I visit my sister in Chicago we go there...soooo good :)

And those kids are adorable!! Almost made me miss babysitting.

Jamie said...

I just had to pay a ticket for supposedly driving through a red light when CLEARLY it was yellow when I went through and just turned red as I passed the other crosswalk. Stupid Chicago and making up reasons to give people tickets to pay thier taxes.

Cute kids! The little guy I nanny is obsessed with the Photobooth on my Macbook. We take pics every day I am with him :)