Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Favorite Childhood Meal

So tonight and tomorrow night I get to play at working "Mom" with one of my favorite fams. Dyl and Max's mom is out of town so I'm taking the post-desk shift in Roscoe Village. The question then becomes how does someone who is not Jessica Seinfeld make a healthy, delicious meal for kids? When you were 5-10, what was your faaaavorite dinner? Help please!
I don't eat alot of red meat anymore but my favorite dinner growing up (who am I kidding? Has there ever been only one??) was flank steak. Even now, I love it but don't eat it unless I know for a fact that it will be incredible. Which also reminds me that Taylor and Camille's "Mantastic" Pheasant recipe should be making an appearance soon.

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camille said...

recipe coming soon!!!