Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Petite Coquine = Cheeky Little Thing

My name is Jessi and I was at one time addicted to celebrity gossip.
I hit rock bottom in the 6 months I spent in sales for and fought tooth and nail to pull myself out of the abyss and read things of substance. And if substance doesn't sound like fun, well cooking, fashion and Amazon can patch the fix.
I am happy to say that a year and a half after the UsWeeklies addressed to "Jessi Jaymie and Peter" stopped coming to our house, I have worked my fixation down to (usually publicist confirmed) and on very stressful days PNTB, the Superficial or A Socialite's Life. The latter is where I found something more appropriate to my current likes this evening while I put off going to work out for another 10 minutes.
Is anyone familiar with a French shop called Locher's? It's brilliant. They've combined French, Anthropologie-style design and dirty language to create some "subtle" and adorable pieces. And apparently Free Shipping if you enter "CUPCAKE" at checkout. I'd like to add this to My Favorite Things video please.

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