Thursday, November 15, 2007

Philip Lim Made My Dress, How Cassini of Him.

Back in July, I designed a dress with some help from the incredible ladies at what remains my favorite shop in Chicago, Eskell. I had been drawing this same thing for a few weeks and combing my regular spots for anything even close. No luck. Enter Kelly. In five minutes she
d put a seriously cleaned up version of the asymmetrical mess I'd been penning on a sketch pad and even added a few kick pleats and a pocket ("In case you don't feel like wearing your earrings anymore," she knows me well!)

After seeing it realized, I started toying with how fun it would be to have the following conversation:
Mr. Party Guest: Wow, that is a hot dress (i'm not that good at writing boy). Why haven't I met you before? I bet you're smart.
Miss Party Guest (not together): THAT is a great dress. Very Cassini. Where did you find it?
Me: I had it made. (insert knowing wink to Mr. PG, who with any luck would turn out to be at least PG-13)

That is the answer to trump all other answers- just barely topping vintage because it infers some personal creativity on your part. In my life, the real conversation goes more like this:
Mr. Party Guest: You look hot, very Jackie but with an edge. Is that vintage Oleg?
Me: I know your gay, but let's have the Rupert Everett moment from the end of My Best Friend's Wedding anyway.

And that, friends, is a-ok. Because after doing the research and finding silk in the perfect peacock blue plus a less than pro-bono tailoring job (that part would be more than worth it), it would have taken a lady as wealthy as the phrase implies to do it right. For a few weeks I held out that Kelly would do the dress as part of their collection and I could snag it that way but no luck.

In case you were wondering where this was going, it's going to 1643 N Damen, a boutique called P 45. I was about to pick up my Coast last night (props to your sister, Susie, it is indeed the best sushi in Chicago) and was stuck in traffic. Directly in front of this store window where, hanging suspended on a mannequin, was the dress you see in this post. I called the store first thing this morning to track it down...3.1 Philip Lim created the "Goddess" and deity-oriented it most certainly is.

It is still way out of my budget but knowing that it exists makes me happy. I will still go visit it over the weekend as my shopping buddy has finally returned to town but only as a wistful act of masochism. Thank you P. Lim, you're welcome in my head any day. Although I think we should start negotiating my "muse" discount. Just have your people call mine.

Also, I kept the original sketch but it's not scanning very well (stupid tracing paper) even with backing. I'll give it a go in the AM but for the several of you who saw it...back me up here!

Visit BOTH Eskell and P 45 on your next shopping adventure in Bucktown Wicker park. Tangerine too. And call me so I can walk up and say hi and then break for cocktails.

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