Friday, November 16, 2007


While I'm waiting for my scanner to pick up some detail, there are a few things that caught my eye recently and then, finally, some food-relateds. I'm so terrible at following themes (outside of awful puns).
  • Props to Daily Candy- 2+ years since I signed up and I still trust their judgment and not-so- secretly want to be a contributor. As I've been talking about a Scandinavian adventure lately, Wednesday's travel edition was perfect. Denmark is on the itinerary, having already gotten rave reviews from brother when he was in Copenhagen over the
    summer and now having gotten DC's blessing as well. Denmark, Sweden and Norway anyone?
  • A stocked, organic kitchen where you just decide on a recipe and then make it yourself? My Gourmet Kitchen is My Favorite.
  • Smack-talking Kelly made my "Office" last night but as has been pointed out, the video below is the last of the Office we'll see for some time. Yuck.
  • Lastly, I'm having a small feast on Sunday so I can eat with members of my extended Shady Creek and Chicago family that won't make it back to Memphis this year. Choosing side dishes is by far the hardest part for me. Votes?
    • Crustless Sweet Potato Pie(Casserole doesn't do it justice)
    • Greeen Beans Almandine
    • Dressing (not optional)
    • Whipped Mashed Potatoes in individual ramekins
    • Carmelizes cranberries with ginger
    • Roast acorn squash with cider apples


Jenn said...

The part of this post is making my stomach growl.

It all sounds so tasty!

Susie said...

Daily Candy is the best!

And I am completely obsessed with Norway and recommend it more than anywhere in the world. I absolutely loved Oslo, but traveling through the mountains and seeing the glaciers, etc. is amazing. I <3 Scandinavia.

I vote for the sweet potato pie...sounds deliciouss.

camille said...

anything sweet potato-related...
also instead of mashed potatoes in ramekins, what about home-made mac + cheese in ramekins with a bread crumb topping? don't know why i thoguht of that, must be hungry. :)