Monday, November 19, 2007

Stings, Doesn't It?

No Spoilers here...but here's to you Mr. Bennett. And Angela Petrelli. And Mr. Nakamura. That was a kickass episode.

In other Monday night news, laundry in preparation for the big roadtrip. Also having takeout from my favorite non-sushi spot- ZK Food on Milwaukee, which I have dubbed my new Kona. Everything on the menu sounds good and so far everything on the menu IS good. And after a really long day, they bring it to your car. Like a drive thru but with vegetables. Tonight I have a steak nicoise salad with sweet potato wedges.

And now, I am reading about the "Top Canadian Unsung Albums of 2007" and watching the rutting season of red deer on an old Planet Earth. Barring the part about cicada nymphs, this is the greatest pre-bed watching ever. Santa?

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Jenn said...

It was a very frustrating but good episode! I don't want to give spoilers away but ahhh! :D