Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TKTC: Nashville Eats (by demand)

I will be doing a similar, probably MORE detailed post like this on Memphis Sunday night but because Miss Scarlett is headed to Nashville this week, I thought I'd practice on our Music Highway brethren.

I spent a lot of time in Nashville in college, at first because I was dating someone at Vanderbilt, but I ended up just falling in love with the city and the people I kept meeting there. Because food is really the currency of travel, I picked up some great places over the years and below is my short list of must-eats.

NOTE: This will not be a successful list unless some of you Vanderbuddies and current Nashville residents fill in the blanks, I am hardly an expert and the vast majority of my favorites are right next to campus. Guess there won't be a wait over Thanksgiving break.

Calypso Cafe: This is not the kind of place that would jump out at you unless you knew it was there. It's a little carribean chicken shack in a strip mall- sandwiched between CVS and Centennial Park. TKTC Pick: All white meat Cuban chicken and black bean salad with cucumber dill dressing. Honorable Mention: Sweet Potatoes and/or Black Bean dip with jalapenos.

McDougals Village Coop: For local, neighborhood (read: Vandy) flavor...go here. The chicken strips (original OR grilled) come with a lot of sauce choices and I have long suspected that they dashed a little sugar on hot french fries. Probably better with the patio in the summer but I've not been let down yet. Also- I had my first 21st birthday drink here just a little bit back ;)

Bread & Co: Like Panera on too much fruit tea, which is certainly a recommendation (1/2 fruit tea, 1/2 unsweetened). This place is big with delicious ready-made sides, a salivation inducing bakery and excellent sandwiches. TKTC Pick: The Steeplechase- real turkey on cranberry walnut bread with light mustard and sliced green apples. Honorable Mention: Tomato Basil Soup, anything from the bakery. 2525 W End Ave

Sunset Grill: Pretty posh by Nashville standards but delicous. TKTC Pick: It's been awhile but I believe last time I had the trout special sauteed in a pumpkin glaze with steamed greens. Cleary it made an impression. And the scallops- "Pan-seared with quinoa strewn buternut squash, braised Belgian endive, hickory smoked TN bacon and red beet vinaigrette." Oh goodnight. Honorable Mention: Fried green tomatoes to start, Butterscotch Bread Pudding to end.

Provence: An adorable Euro sandwich shop among some of the cutest shops on 21st Ave. Check out Pangaea for great gifts once you've refueled on the Montecito or Turkey & Brie.

Sportsmans: It's a sports bar. No more, no less. But the fried dill pickle chips and gigantic salads made this a college favorite.

So I've been told: Tin Angel, Pancake Pantry, Nick & Rudy's, SATCO and Goten (eaten there a few times but several sake bombs later...not the most reliable review). Speaking of- Lonnie's and Tootsie's are Nashville standards or Boutique Bella for...more shopping.

Nashville- Chime In, you've got a foodie coming to town!


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I see some definite possibilities on this list! My sister and I will use it as our guide:)

Jess said...

Tin Angel has the best bloody marys in town!

Slimbo said...

Mojo Cafe, sans doute

Best creole fare north of hurricane country

Deity K said...

Love the post!

So to recommend:
Virago - hot young professionals crown, GOOD sushi, very swank
Patrick's - cajun, run by two Texas boys from SMU

Hillsboro Village (21st Avenue turns into Hillsboro):
Fido - funky coffee house, very seattle, very not-Starbucks
Jackson's - cheap and cheerful, great cocktails and cookie-dough eggrolls!
Pangea / Fire Finch - boutique shopping with an artsy feel, much less
VandyGirl than boutique bella

Aw, I miss it! so jealous...