Thursday, November 1, 2007


I think I have found my perfect store in one of my favorite cities, Boston. It's not a boutique or museum, it instead appears to be a lifestyle lovechild for all things good. Music, clothes, food- the works. I am at once relieved and disappointed that someone has come up with this before I put all the work into doing it myself. You can check out BusinessWeek's take on it here. I also highly recommend jumping to the Music section of the site as they are previewing some good tunes at the moment. Current favorite from their mix is José González- Swedish/Argentine folk singer who was playing in an awesome cafe/lounge KMo and I found in Barcelona.
He may also be the "-LUST" portion of this post since it is still autumn after all;)
Turns out he's also worked with Zero 7 (Thank you, Sia) and the world gets progressively and deliciously smaller.

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