Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update: Woo Hoo Weepies!

*Don't you just love it when good things happen to good people? I'm pretty late on this one but The Weepies' song "Stars" is also the Holiday Old Navy song. I'm so so happy that Old Navy has grown out of the really annoying commercial phase. Must be cause Megan D. works for their HQ now.

I have to give credit to JCPenney this year. They've really stepped up the commercials. And added Sephora.

Today I am particularly happy with them because the new ad has The Weepies' song "All That I Want." Weepies are another great band that did their time at the illusive and notorious Hotel Cafe and if you like this song, check out "Painting by Chagall" and "Gotta Have You" as well.

Other good choices the 20 lb catalogue (as they were known in my house) made this year: Forever Thursday, Dido, Regina Spektor

And if I were JCPenney's publicist, I would build them a microsite with a streaming playlist of the songs featured thus far, possibly a video player for clips from VMA's (they sponsored) and the ads themselves. I might also advertise some clothing or tech that would grab the attention of this audience. Maybe even some exclusive selections from partner Sephora to go with. Just a thought...

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Molly McGuffin said...

It's only fair that you follow this up with an entry on the Target holiday campaign ... I'm a bit sad because I can't see it this year!