Friday, December 7, 2007

Adventures in Contemporary Education: Part III

Last week, we were growing lettuce, mustard, and collard greens to see
photosynthesis. One of the students turns to me and says, "Ms.
Gromit, we should've grown weed. Everyone would come to class if we
start growing weed up in here." He later asked me if I knew where he
could buy THC spray. I didn't know.

I was called motherf&%^*#$ ugly ass p^$*. I barely blinked, and
closed the door in the boy's face.

Last week, a teacher got so upset with a student that she grabbed the
student by the neck and pushed her up against the wall. Two days later
she was back....self defense baby!

A male student head butted a teacher.One of the vice principals is so sassy and confrontational that
finally her secretary had had enough....and hit her in the head with a
Yesterday we went on lockdown -- they thought a student had a gun in
school. Cops came in and searched the whole place including lockers.
They didn't find a gun, but they found a LOT of weed.
TKTC Note: I know, I couldn't believe I found this picture either.On Friday, two male students were busted having sex together in the
bathroom across from my room. Afternoon Delight.

Today we had an ambulance at school because one of our female students
went into labor. The thing is, there's so many pregnant girls, nobody
knew which one!

I hate to break the news to you guys, but there may only be one more
Notes from the Hood. (SHOCK, THE HORROR, GASP) I've received an offer
to go work at a nice Catholic school. Pretty sure I'm gonna take it.Didn't really take too much consideration, given the content of my
e-mails. I'll start at the new school right after Christmas break.
Hopefully I'll have a couple of good stories to end on in the next
week to make a grand finale!!

TKTC Note: As one who knows several miscreant products of the Catholic school system, I feel like Ms. Gromit may still find a few details worth mentioning. Teenagers are teenagers after all- plaid or no. I’ll try for a check in next semester.


So@24 said...

And this makes me NOT want to teach...

Do you work for LAUSD??

D$ said...

I hope assume you didn't have me in mind. BUT, as a catholic prep school protégé, I concur that there are still plenty of fuck-ups.

Jamie Lovely said...

I can't even lie, that sounds like my high school.

Only one of the reasons I hated high school.

ToKissTheCook said...

So@24- No, I am but a PR professional, not requiring the same brand of valor that Jen's job does- she doesn't work in LA either.

D$- Of course I had you in mind. And Kate and Jones and about a dozen other rosary-oriented friends.

Jamie- A diamond in the rough:)