Friday, December 7, 2007

Sex and the City Preview

I do LOVE movie previews and the cult status of this show (ok, I'm drinking the kool-aid, too) gave me a burning need to post this ASAP.


Jamie Lovely said...

Yay! I can't wait for this movie!

Also, I have a question for the resident foodie :)

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and he loves sushi. I, however, am not to big on it. Are there places that have sushi and other things here in Chicago? Or if I have to suck it up, any sushi place recommendations?

I can't post this on my site, because he reads it so I thought I would comment and ask!

Gjelly said...

I can't WAIT!

ToKissTheCook said...

Jamie- Oh you have worlds of options! I am a big sushi fan but having never eaten anything else at my favorite spot (Coast) I feel iffy recommending. I will say they do everything else pretty well!

The place I KNOW is great is called Butterfly Sushi & Thai in River West. BOTH the sushi AND the thai are awesome and you're close enough to grab a night cap at Fulton Lounge, should you choose:)

G- You and me both, Sister. I heard her voice in tune with Peggy Lee and my heartbeat picked up.

Jamie Lovely said...

You are wonderful! Thanks so much!