Sunday, December 2, 2007

Go Bears! Update

There was a Costco run needing to take place so I ran up to Roscoe Village to find some rainy day fun for Dylan and me. In the midst of our deciding to have a puppet show, Caro texted to see what I had in mind for the game tonight (meetings). However, I am trying not to be apathetic this year so we themed out our paper bags...I clearly missed my calling in the Arts.

*I forgot to give my favorite Dylan quote. We were cleaning up her room (I was later inspired by same 6 year old to clean my OWN room) and the question arose of where to place a particular stuffed dog who barks if you hug him. How about over in the Barbie corner, I wonder aloud. No, rejects Dyl, some of my Barbies are allergic to dogs.
Speaking of the Arts, after brunch in Logan Square, we stopped into a shop that was all handmade goods from Chicago artisans, Wolfbait & B-girls. Not dissimilar from Renegade Crafts in Wicker Park, it's a great shop right on the square. I'm always looking for quirky little details for my quirky little apartment and these lightswitch covers from Nice Lena will be lovely in the Bed and Living rooms:And last but not least- I found my 3ft tree!


Susie said...

Just got off the phone with my sister and could hear her boyfriend swearing in the background over the Bears game! Hope they're coming out ahead.

I was JUST thinking about 2 hours ago that I reallyyy need a light switch cover for my bedroom. Definitely checking that site out.

I may be making some Jan. Chi-town visit plans!

ToKissTheCook said...

Hahaha- I really wish I could bring myself to care enough to get up and swear at the TV but unfortunately I reserve that kind of passion for Primetime.

AND January? Mmmmm Coast.