Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ode to Check, Please!

I have to keep this short because due to a lot of writing (I guess I decided to make up for those 4 days of NaBloPoMo I missed!) my right thumb is feeling arthritic from all of my "Mac-clicking."

That said, I'm checking another Chicago staple off my list this morning with the Chicago Europhile Club, otherwise known as Mar and Cam. These two girls are about as obsessed with far-off adventuring as I am and it's nice that we can get our fix by trying new brunch spots and getting caught up. Sounds like we may have actually lost one of them to a new, prolonged adventure but I guess I will hear all about it at breakfast!

That said, a few weekends back I was watching Check, Please!, as I am want to do, and Lula Cafe made my must-eat list. I've been curious about Logan Square for awhile and I am pumped to have some purpose on such a gross morning!

If you don't live in the Chicago area but could be visiting you should a) Let me know (we totally tried ChristyLou!) and b) Check for the most thorough guide to Chicago eating I've seen. Lula Cafe made their 2007 Best Neighborhood Restaurants list as well. In the ice cream eulogy I realized you can see my print out of the list on my fridge- I check them off as I go because I am a food loser. Happy Sunday et A` Demain- I'm off to Logan Square!

*In searching for a picture punctuate the post- I stumbled on another Chicago "foodcaster's" blog! Next up for Logan Square, Hachi's Kitchen.

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