Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Sick...For Now

This is going to be short because frankly, I just don't feel good. Still think I can get back into the office in a bit but for now I'm just having a pity party in my living room. I don't even have gift wrap to do presents. Gew.

In other "news," had an amazing office Christmas dinner at Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square last night. Two great French dinners in one week!
a) How am I supposed to be in a bathing suit next week?
b) It was worth it.

Also, I have been thinking about my international network. Not huge, but if I ever wanted to get around Western Europe in two weeks, I think I could do it with buddies at just about every stop. That would also require me to not have ANY sick days. This is my 2nd one in 2007 and I'm going for .5.

London: Nick & Steph, Kate, Meri
Rennes: Molly
Dusseldorf: Potentially someone soon
Istanbul: Laura

Anyone else planning to puddle jump?

Also- It's time for another session of adventure planning. One of our clients is going to Belize and Guatemala for Christmas in the jungle. Hmmm...maybe the New York Times has some insight.


Joner said...

Z has offered her upcoming home in Belgium in the new year -- I think I am taking her up on that offer. Kappas invade Brussels ... I love it.

Susie said...

I hope you feel better!!

A European trip with friends to stay with sounds fabulous :)

ToKissTheCook said...

Joner- when is Z moving to Bruxelles?? And why?? I'm in too!

Sus: Thanks dear...when in Rome!

D$ said...

Better sick now than in Mexico. rest up!

joner said...

Z's folks (not her) are moving to Belgium soon on their current tour of Europe. I am seriously considering it - BP might be game as well :o)