Saturday, December 22, 2007

Packing with Wine

It's been a blue week. Gray almost every day and no real fun. I expressed this over the phone to Caro last night and BOOM! She and Abby were on my doorstep this afternoon with a 6 of Newcastle and a bottle of Cook's (when that became a great idea, I am still unsure).

I spilled. It is so very hard for me to own up when things aren't so hot. I am a genuinely optimistic person and, hello, I'm a PR girl through and through. There's a positive spin for just about anything. Even now, I can justify circles around everything but that would defeat the purpose. So tonight I just let it go. No tears, no theatrics- just honesty with two of my best friends. And they, in turn, were honest with me. And somewhere in the midst of all this honesty, we polished off our fermented stockpile.

Remember that this is Saturday afternoon and typically having buzzy life conversation among friends would be a pretty good plan. Only tomorrow I leave the country and have not packed.
Whoops. Doesn't mean pizza isn't sounding real good.

Coalfire it is! I've been really excited to try this place for a long while and was not at all disappointed!! We had the pesto and white pizzas- which was more than enough for the three of us- and by the time we were done I felt more like napping than packing. Toughed it out though and here I am. Still pretty unpacked but in better shape. I needed that. I needed to go into a trip and a new year with a game plan and now it's really just Game On.

Time for a nap, see you at OHare in the am.

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