Sunday, January 27, 2008

Live Blogging from The Boring Store

Live Blog from The Boring Store at 1331 N . Milwaukee Ave! This afternoon, I am the resident spy at my favorite front operation ever. I think I've talked this up before but The Boring Store is the "retail" portion of 826 Chicago, a non-profit writing/ tutoring center for kids in Wicker Park, started by author Dave Eggers and his merry band of gumshoes and supersleuths. Until 6 tonight I get to say things to customers like:

"Please let me know if you have any questions. I may or may not be at liberty to answer them but the more questions the better. It means our various layers of undercoverosity are working."
"Good afternoon, are you looking for anything less than particularly interesting today? Perhaps less conspicuous than a fake passport but more involved than odorless rubber cement?"

And those are just from today. I have a checking account full of cheesy, nonsensical greetings to force on these people. I'm THRILLED. I will be doing this again, when none of you have any choice but to come and say hi. Don't think that because I know you, I will spare you from my best Agent 99 impersonation. Whatever happened to Barbara Feldon? I'm even wearing all black with my sneaky boots, a black and white fedora and, of course, a trenchcoat.

I am also working on a MONSTER post from the fabulous weekend so check in at some indeterminate point coming soon...

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