Sunday, January 27, 2008

Triple Word Score Takes On Bucktown

TKTC, Everyone Loves a Boston Girl (Susie) & D-Blogged at Pint.

Normally Sundays are pretty exhausting days around these parts. I tend to slouch on my tap-tapping over the weekend and love to overbook so by the time the summary post sneaks up and smacks me on the ass, I have a lot of recapping to do. And it's tiring for you loves because then there is a solid wall of text and, seriously, I know you just sit there, sigh and read the first and last sentence of each paragraph...maybe look at the pictures. It's cool, I'm with you.

I had a point and now I can't remember where I left it. I need a Clapper- I feel like I lose my point all the time (now laughing at mental picture of self, clapping randomly to punctuate already diluted babbling). Aha- this weekend was more jammed with fun than the normal so I am separating blog posts and working backwards. And because I'm just too amused, I will begin with Part 2 of the Beers and Blogs post of Thursday evening fame.

Everyone Loves A Boston Girl was still in town and since we had such fun on Thursday, we figured a reunion was definitely in order. I am also really lucky that Beth and Adam didn't mind sharing their visitor with her internet friend! They decided to hit up Bob San for dinner which, at 40 paces from my front gate, put them at extra close personal proximity to several bottles of wine that have been accumulating in my apartment during this training/ sober friends cycle. I scampered around to clean the place up a spot and they found it!Susie and Beth hanging out in my living room. I wasn't joking about wine...while Adam had zinfandel and a great time with the HC, we three girls decided to pop open champagne (Thanks Dave & Lisa!) because who doesn't love a special occasion? And then promptly started refilling our champagne glasses with sauv. blanc. At this point we all have a delicious buzz going. Conversation does not stop. We're talking interior design, restaurants, family, movies and music for close to two hours. Adam got us all listening to VHS or Beta, I had everyone listening to The Changes (still giddy from a great show Friday), Susie was talking Band of Horses and Beth was relishing her position as resident birthday girl and WEBoggle wizard (Now that I've been taught, I am in a stellar amount of trouble mid-busy season).

Eventually we decide to get ourselves out into a milder Wicker Park winter night. Susie and I had both been texting with D during the day to figure out our little blogger hat trick and were thrilled when he was a complete gentleman, agreeing to meet us at Pint when he was finished at Barleycorn (hahahha-he explains this here).

In the meantime, the four of us were in no position to stay out of trouble. I had never been to Pint. I walked into Pint and answered a question I've been asking for 2.5 years. Where have all the tall guys gone? Pint. They're at Pint. Pint Pint Pint. Not only that, but we'd been standing for maybe 5 minutes when a guy turns around and hands Susie and I shots. Apparently they were from his friend and wanted to make sure we got them and came back to say hello. Both guys were very nice and we chatted with them for a bit. Also got handed a second shot by Adam in addition to my Blue Moon. I could not tell you the last time I had a shot, let alone two. On top of wine and champagne. On my third night out in a row.

Susie and I decide we need to take a lap and are on the lookout for the guy we really came to see. So now the two of us are teetering around the second balcony, playing Where's Waldo for the XY member of our trio. There he is!

On Thursday I said it was really funny to talk with people you know well but haven't technically met. Last night just wrote that fact on the wall in slurred cursive marker. D had been in the door for all of about 5 minutes when he starts getting peppered with questions. We're all pretty public by comparison and thus leave some discretionary blank spots in our online lives. Who's this? When was that? What was that restaurant again? With both D and Susie, it felt a little like cracking open a book I'd been enjoying, only to find a way to interview the characters.

And it was, in fact, a blast. Three people who appear to go waaay back having a dance party come Q&A session in a commandeered private booth until the lights came on. We were the last ones shuffled out into the morning and parted ways. Can't be sad though. I'll be in Boston in March to take over Susie's city (funny that our siblings live in each other's towns) and will just have to keep up our reps at Pint for both of us. As for D- I finally have a friend in my neighborhood and a smart guy to boot! He also owns a camera and knows how to use it, for better or worse covering our shenanigans with with a good flash and his friendly Newcastle:
This is my "I'm bout to tell you a story" face. Susie and Adam getting hilarious.This one probably covers last night the best. Insert D doing more of the same, only he was clearly behind the camera.

Chicago TwentySomething bloggers are going to do a happy hour. Let me know if you're in. Based on this weekend, I'm going to highly recommend it.


Susie said...

After many delays, I am back in Boston. Miss Chicago already!

Soo much fun!! And <3 the pics. I totally didn't remember getting down with adam like that (sorry, beth!)I guess it's because the dj wouldn't dance with me.

Thanks for the champagne and wine...oh, and Honey is adorable :) Can't wait for you to come to Boston in March! And, in the meantime, def. do your work to keep up our stellar reps at Pint. I'm counting on you and D to hold it down :) :)

Jamie Lovely said...

Erin and I have been trying to plan something. I've been ridiculously busy with school and work and haven't don't enough to get the ball rolling!

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you guys had so much fun!

A Chicago meet-up would be a blast. I know I've said that before. It's cool meeting people you've been reading about for (insert number) months. But you already know that haha!

seeleigh said...

Chels here... I LOVE IT!! :) such cute pictures!! Boston is waiting for you!

d said...

brilliant recap:) i'm glad you posted the pics...i wanted to make sure both of you were good with posting them.

chi-town meetup is going to be a blast. let's get together again pronto...smoke daddy?

ToKissTheCook said...

Sues: I know I said I wouldn’t be sad, but we work the scene so well together.. I guess there’s always WEBoggle. And don’t kid yourself, the DJ loved you. You even got him to play “Piece of Me” instead of “Gimme More.” If that doesn’t say love, I don’t really know what does. I’m in Boston the weekend before St. Pat’s!

JL: Thoughts on February 16th? So exciting!

FF: We did have so much fun. And I think throwing down on a grander scale will be even more fun. Think about it: 10-12 Chicago Twentysomethings in one place? It’s a marketers dream. Maybe we’ll get sponsors☺ Just kidding. More likely there will be an ice breaker. Like a meme of the seven things you can’t put on the internet. God, I could really be the worst person to do this…

Chels!! Yay! I’m really pumped and I think it’s going to be a crazy weekend in those parts with St. Pats around the corner and t’will be quite fun to meet the Marthas for a cocktail☺

D: Hilarious that you would suggest Smoke Daddy as I just last night applied to be on Check, Please! for that exact spot. So yeah, absolutely… Name your night!

Shanti said...

oh i know the joys of pint and their very very very cute selection of boys. however, i don't reccommend ever hooking up, or attempting to, with their barbacks or going on a date with another one.

anyway, your night looks/sounded like so much fun. next time i'm in town i definitely need to meet up with the chicago bloggers.

Anonymous said...


Smoke Daddy? Seriously, we all live WAY too close to each other to not already be hanging out.

D$ said...

who goes to boston the weekend before st. pats? boo! wish you could be there to drink green beer with me and juan.

Gjelly said...

Hilarious! My mouth is watering already for my trip to Chicago...and hopefully my "I am never drinking again" attitude will have worn off by April. I'm sure it will. :-) I do worry, though, if I meet up with you what kind of drunken pictures will be posted....I haven't learned to stay away from the camera while drunk yet. :-)

So@24 said...

Not fair. NOT FAIR.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had too much fun - and too much wine!

ToKissTheCook said...

Shanti- I've never dated a bar guy. I've dated former bouncers but not while they were tough guys. Hot?

PBRazz: Yup. Looks like Wicked Park really IS the place to be...looking forward to digging into your archives, by the by.

D$: Pay attention. I am going to Beantown and the Cape March 13-16. There WILL be some madness happening then.

GJ: When in April are you coming?? Would loove to see you!

SO: I am OFFICIALLY inviting you to the Chicago Twentysomething event. You're on the list. I should stay out of LA, otherwise I would come to you!

Miss Scarlett: Yes and Yes:) Too much of a good thing can be great!

Shanti said...

jessi-bar boys are drama. they're hot and lots of fun, but the only people they really date, and not just sleep with, are other people who work at bars. the schedule, the lifestyle etc. but yeah, i spent too much time hanging out with the staff of many bars and it was seriously like being in h.s. again.

Gjelly said...

April 11th - 14th. I'd love to see you too. I'll keep you posted.