Saturday, January 5, 2008

Update: Live from New Hampshire!

TKTC Correspondant Slimbo (aka Brother) sent us this photo early in the AM- straight from Barack Obama's New Hampshire HQ. I checked the Barack blog and scanned for his head above the crowd but no luck. Brother can be pretty persuasive so I'm hoping the Northeast will represent like the Midwest just did. Some good candidates out there but I just love this man...I'm excited!

UPDATE: Former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley has come out in support of Barack. I sat two tables from Mr. Bradley while I was out to eat with my parents at La Petite Cour in Paris over the summer. My dad said later that it was the first time he can remember being starstruck because this was a guy he genuinely respects. Dad shook his hand later (after I had left to meet up with my chunnel mates) and apparently Bradley was really really nice. No real point here other than I am glad to hear that two people I respect in politics appear to respect each other as well.

In other Saturday news- Caro, Abby and CVDJ are headed over for a dinner party tonight so I've got some prep work to get started on. I'll leave you with this:

Jeanie : Uh let's not ruin this with a lot of talk alright.
Garth Volbeck : You didn't tell me your name
Jeanie : Oh, well it''s Jean, but a lot a lot of guys call me Shauna.
Garth Volbeck : Okay Jean

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