Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NYE Photo Blog

Normal NYE, Crazy NYE, Potato Blight

There are two things wrong with what is about to happen here.
#1 You cannot possibly be interested in 75% of this nonsense.
#2 The fact that I am disclosing this level of nonsense.

Nonetheless, here we go. I will take these down at my leisure thankyouverymuch.
Putting the Mac n Cheese Together Upon the Arrival
Stereo Not Working. KT and I may not have been the best ones to put on the case....

I have a beautiful decanter that I got from Bob and C for my 23rd birthday. However, I have fresh flowers more often than I have really nice wine and have thus ruined it. My gravy separator was the next best thing for the Vagabond D$ picked up in Cali. Not bad.
Making the dates...KT's helping
Trouble starting now. Trouble was apparently marked as "Sepia" on Jenny's camera.
D$- What were pretending to be mad about? You're doing reeeally well, whatever that was...
That's better.
They found the Elvis glasses. Luck be a lady tonight.
It's like someone took the components of two separate pictures and merged.
Empty champagne bottles as microphones, every pot and saucepan in the house as noisemakers. Classic D.
I'm going to walk out of my house for work one morning in February in the same red, black or white pea coats I always wear and some PETA person is going to douse me with red paint on principle.
That poor cat puts up with way too much from me. KT probably does too. I love them both.
The guys quickly trying to dissociate themselves from KT and I. Can't really blame them there.

12:30am. We decide to venture to a WP dive bar just "to have BEEN to a bar" on NYE. We didn't realize how much it had been snowing...
But we got over it and started singing instead. "I Gotta Stay Fly I I I I I I." Yipes.
KT liked the snow better from the inside.
Happy New Year indeed:)
If you're not incredibly bored already, D has more pics up at Starts With One. He's much artier than I am.


D$ said...

photos are great, thanks for being such a great hostess. "Here we come 2008!"

Susie said...

LOVE the dress! Wish there were more pics of your fabulous food.

ToKissTheCook said...

D- I can't believe I didn't find the note on my fridge for X hours. Or that you used my Greer stationary for your drunken kitchen notes but que sera sera.

Susie- THANKS! I know, that's what I get for not having control of my own camera, no foodie pics! I'm lucky Jenny snagged the one of the dates en process. PS See you in 3 weeks!!!

So@24 said...

Looking good, Cook! And it looks like the night was a huge success!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun! Your dress looks awesome! :)

Gjelly said...

Love the fur! I'm going to have to follow your lead and bust mine out sometime. So far, I've only worn it to a pimps and hoes party... :-)

ToKissTheCook said...

24: Thaaaanks...although not hot enough to get to first base like you. Player.

FF: Can't beat free vintage and it was in fact fun. We need to have a Chicago bloggers Happy Hour I think.

G: Pimps and Hoes sounds about appropriate but with winters like ours, one has to find a way to get dressed every once in a dead frost. You should come to the Chicago bloggers happy hour. Just for kicks:)