Thursday, January 3, 2008

About As Fun As A Root Canal

I made it! Root canal completed!! I got up on time this morning, got to the dentist's office a few minutes early, settled into the chair and watched Planet Earth on a flat-screen while Dr. Desai did whatever dentists do for a root canal. I'm an answers person but in this very specific case- ignorance is bliss.

What DID I know? No pain. Drillz don't make pleasant noises but what did I care? I was numb and watching baby polar bears.

Now is the time where I, infamous dentist detester, pledge allegiance to the good Dr. Trupti Desai, DDS. I think I could hang with this one. She's going to Spain, we're talking (I'm warbling) about Zara and Sitges and all the while she is at work that I can only (thankfully) guess to be cumbersome. Quite the perfectionist, this one.

Even my nurses have been really friendly both times (Joe and Noemi) and gave me notice when the swimming elephants were coming up during my molarmentary (so bad and yet it has not been deleted).

I'm done now- considering how much my poor pie-hole went through this morning (probably due to excess pie) you would not think I'd be raving this much.

Come to think of it, I am gonna give it a rest and continue stalking the Iowa Caucus results. Big Smiles now everyone...Healthy 08 is off to a good start.


Anonymous said...

Ewww icky. Dental visits were such a huge part of my adolescence - braces, retainers, numerous teeth removed. Hope you're feeling okay.
The Iowa caucus results are bizarre. Obama and Huck had much bigger wins than I expected. Fascinating stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks for your comments re: my hair. Victoria Beckham is a complete robot but I am amused by her attempts of late to make herself appear more "friendly." And "MAJAH" just makes me laugh.

ToKissTheCook said...

Thanks MS- We're on to New Hampshire!

nicoleantoinette said...

Oh my, I've had SO MANY root canals (don't ask) and they are definitely not fun.