Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When Mischief Gets Married

I have a wedding to go to in Memphis in February. I haven't quite gotten my head around that one yet as they just got engaged in September but the formal invite arrived on Friday and I opened over beer and BBQ. The surreal mental swim may also have something to do with the fact that my high school crush and college make-out buddy is the one getting hitched.

Bri & Benjy- I'm going there.

When I was in high school I was lucky enough to have been adopted by a tight group of football players who attended our crosstown rival. A year older than me, "The Crew" (I think every high school had a "Crew") was fairly notorious in their own school but they are surprisingly what allowed me to keep my wits about me for as long as I did.

And by that I mean I got to go to all of the parties but didn't drink; got the inside scoop on birds, bees and Varsity Blues without learning the hard way (by being "easy").
The gang at Benjy & Caroline's wedding in 05

They talked a big game about a lot of other girls but were protective of me in my formative years (when do those end?). Looking back, they are responsible for some of my best memories, most sincere lessons and continue to be excellent friends. My first date, first kiss, oldest friends, and protectors all in one place where all kinds of irreverent things were asked and answered but where I always felt respected- put on the sidelines in the best possible way.

So now, the second among them is getting married- one I pined for on and off from 10th grade on. I've not met his bride, she's somehow never been out with us when I've been home, but understand her to be lovely. I even had the distinction of being their first wedding gift- a deep fryer that was on their registry (some days I really do get nostalgic for the South).

Let's also be crystal clear: This person is not an ex. Not at all. He was Mischief and will be remembered fondly as such. You know - big dark eyes, big deep voice and a sensitive side (but don't tell). Someone who was always dating some other (always gorgeous) girl which made the pining remarkably simple 90% of the time. Before and After the big Ex in college, he stood as a charged bookend separating very different times in my life. More recently (post-college life) he has been a friend, one who I largely get updates on from the others. And now he is a friend who is making the big jump and this is a very good thing.

Doesn't mean I don't want to look damn good at the wedding though.


Jamie Lovely said...

LOVE that dress! You will look fabulous.

Susie said...

Wow, I seriously LOVE everything about that outfit!!

I totally know what you mean. I hung out with my ex's friends last week and made sure to look my best. Not because I want him back...I just want them to tell him what he's missing out on :)

Laughing through my chardonnay said...

Love the dress! I wanted to get it when I saw it at the store but I have no place to wear it to. Waa waaa waaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Work. It.

(P.S. - Posted Fitness Tips. Thoughts?)

Anonymous said...

That dress is gorgeous! I wish I had one and then had somewhere to go!

The Ex said...

Are you going to wear it in red? WOO!

Damsel in Digress said...

my mouth is actually agape from the dress, the shoes, the earrings ... you? have amazing taste. love it.

and i know it's such a silly way to respond to comments, but in case you missed it, this was my comment about your comment and my oh my - could i say comment any more times?

hi. you just won the award for favorite comment of the day (week? life?!). everything about it is AMAZING. and happy hours? i so do happy hours. i EXCEL at happy hours. maybe a shot can be your award.

Damsel in Digress said...


ToKissTheCook said...

Jamie- THANKS! That's the kinda attitude I need to be walking in with!

Susie- Hard to go wrong with sexy. Ever. I'm not looking good out of spite. I'm looking good because cute guys have cute friends.

Chard- Whatev. You live in SoCal- can't you just make up a benefit or something? ;)

Miss Scarlett- Dude, it is ON. I'm on Day 3 of training and am totally Misery loves company right now. And I'm not talking Project Runway.

FF- I still want you to go back and buy your version of this dress. You LOVED it.

The Ex- Because all weddings are pretty want to play "Lady in Red" and well, sometimes a girl doesn't mind the attention.

DD- Consider it on. Payment is accepted in shots and good company. Stay's a long winter and we're gonna get bored without a fun outing to look forward to!

Rachel Williams said...

A) LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress with the fire of 1,000 suns.
B) Wore those exact shoes in a wedding I was in September. My friends and fellow BMs, as a whole, complained about how uncomfy they were. I disagreed- if we're eyeing an aesthetics vs. comfort balance, you can't beat 'em. Ah who cares if you are pushing 6'0 in them (as I was)- it will just look like you've been going to yoga a lot. :