Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am generally up for anything..Wanderlust. I will happily take all four wheels off the beaten path and have made some of my favorite friends that way.

That said, the glamorous life of a beauty biz PR writer lends itself more often to spur of the moment trips across town than to any grander plans with grander budgets. Usually, anyway. "Usually" not being today.

No, today I did something I have been talking about for a couple months. Something I was quite certain of in my head without any real concept for how it would come to be (this is a lot of my life right now). I had a feeling and no means, the rhyme and no reason and did it anyway.

This afternoon I bought a plane ticket to London.

I talked to Nick at lunch and had the ticket 20 minutes later for a glorified long weekend in late Spring. It was the right thing and it was the best thing. And, thanks to an Expedia deal I saw as a rather serendipitous fluke around 3:30 am last night, it was all of a sudden a possible thing.

I was just in London in June and here I go again. Nick, Kate and Meri all living there, Molly just finishing her term in France with her own reasons to Chunnel and the adventure of it all in masterfully mischievous company are more than I care to say no to. It's a cold and snowy night but I'm all lit up inside. Cheers!

Photo taken of the Royal Arcade on Old Bond Street.


Damsel in Digress said...


how wonderful!!

is it all right if i am sinfully jealous?

Anonymous said...

How exciting! :)

Emily said...

Good for you! Start looking for an adorable trench to pack!

ToKissTheCook said...

DiD- Oh be as jealous as you like of the adventure. Probably not the wheezing bank account though!


Ems- I do so have my eye on one...will send you the link:)