Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OrgManic: Dinner at Crust

What a delicious little day I'm having! Strange that in the midst of all these deadlines, I'm just in a great mood:) This will be quick because I am exhausted but had to tell Team Chicago I had an awesome dinner tonight and this place needs to be on your radar if it isn't already. CRUST on Division.

I had been in the fall with Lex and Lisa but, truthfully, we tried to do the patio too late in the season and thus ended up shivering until we'd had enough wine not to be worried about the subtleties of our goosebumps, let alone our pizza. Still had fun, but really in no state to review.

Tonight, however, I had a long overdue dinner date with P, whose father, and then family, I befriended on my way down to Mexico at Christmas. As I was watching The Usual Suspects on my laptop, Dr. Mavroudis took this to mean I must have okay taste in movies. The remaining three hours in flight are spent trading quotes ("Inconceivable!"), travel destinations (Istanbul moved way up my list to a top 3 spot), hometowns (Thassos being significantly cooler than Memphis) and eventually business cards with P ("My daughter's about your age and in PR too!"). Unfortunately, our rather fair complexions and consequent sun poisoning kept the two brother/sister duos from a "kids night" in Cabo but luckily that was easily rectified upon our return to the city.

Easily rectified with a side of Sun Salad, Butternut Squash pizza and two great beers (Ephemere by Unibroue & Two Brothers French Country Ale). Sun Salad was just a light bowl of greens with miso dressing, a good start and an easy share. My pizza/ "Flatbread" was the real main event. I had one of the specials- roasted butternut squash with diced prosciutto- unreal for an orange lover on such a chilly night. P had the Pepperonata and a Berghoff which she raved about as well.

So we talked (and talked) about the twentysomething PR scene, the various adventures taken and planned, managed mischief and of course the problem of candles at a Greek Easter service (hair being sadly flammable). New friend, great beer & pizza and a plane ticket. I'll say it again...not too shabby for a Tuesday.

* I know everyone is talking about it and, at the risk of sensationalizing what happened this afternoon further, the Heath Ledger news knocked the wind out of me. I was a fan and clearly not alone in that. If you love someone going through anything with a resemblance, now would be a good time to talk about it.


Damsel in DIgress said...

i have been dying to try crust ever since it first opened in ... august?

i am silly and slow and forgetful though like that.

i will have to head over there immediately!

i feel like we need to just talk (gchat??) about all of our favorite places in chicago sometime. as a self-professed foodie who may hate the word foodie, i am always wanting to try new places.

ToKissTheCook said...

DiD! It's really good and if you're coming this direction, you might as well let me know cause I will just meet you there. It's in the hood and all :)

Gchat it is...but how will we reveal our so secret identities?