Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Different Heart of the Matter

True Story: I've watched the extended Sex and the City movie trailer 6 times today. It's excessive. I will probably watch it 2+ more times today. It makes me happy and heartsick and I'm a little uncomfortable with that fact but it's true. What can you do? Also, Did Chris Noth get a facelift? Botox? Something's not right here...

On that note, I've fallen for the India Arie version of "Heart of the Matter" so I bought it when it came up on top of my iTunes search.


Is India Arie's actual song the first thing that came up? NO. I bought The Smooth Jazz Saxophone Orchestra's TRIBUTE to India Arie's Heart of the Matter. And my ears are nauseous as a direct result of having to hear that. I would never think to write off a full music genre. I love music. All kinds of music. But not smooth jazz, not great songs covered by cheesy, elevator sax. SICK.

So buyer beware. I am now listening to the real deal and have deleted the Smooth Jazz version (how embarrassing would THAT be if it came up on random?!)!

The real version is great. I had forgotten about my love of India Arie (and Desiree, Tracy Chapman, get the idea) during freshman year of college. I'm getting all of that out right this second. It can be my soundtrack while I pull every food item out of my shelves and catalog into groups to be used in recipes.

You heard me.It is also Tearsheet Day here at TKTC headquarters. I am taking my life back from the much-loved subscription pile that proves again and again so hard to throw away. But it's time and there are higher purposes for these pages.
  • Need to be able to get in bed without hurdling over a foot and a half of semi-gloss newsprint.
  • Need to pull some color/texture ideas for the Jess dress.
  • Need to use the healthy recipes in my cooking magazines for more than just food porn.
  • Need to send articles that make me think of certain people TO those people in San Fran, LA, Boston, Istanbul, Bretagne, Germantown... I think they're better than cards.
  • Need to pick a color for my office wall. I'm still loving the peacocky-blue below with my apartment's white molding and some gold accents*. But universal insight has been that it just won't jive with the softer earth tones of the rest of the house and a more Provencal kitchen that it shares space with. I see their point but then I find collections like this one on decor8 and I am back where I started. I also love the living room with the tree mural in that collection. Just a consistently delicious website.

*My obsession with this color began with the O magazine piece on Kate Walsh's house. Which I would still copycat and that is saying a lot. That living room. THAT DINING ROOM (I will have that table someday). The details and that incredible color combination.



Anonymous said...

Okay, I feel like I'm reading an entry I would write. I do suffer from the problem of hording magazines and pulling articles I MAY someday use---and end up probably never looking at again. Oh, and I also send articles/pieces to friends or whathaveyou I think may enjoy them--they do :)

I have decided to not buy another magainze until I get stuff in order with what I already have. Argh! I have to just not look at the pretty magazines to pick from when I stand in line at Wal-Mart or anywhere else they call to me.

I agree, India Arie is also amazing!

I love your site! Very nice! I'm just starting mine. I hope it turns out well someday. Please come by and have a lookie.

Shanti said...

sometimes i wonder where my mind has gone. when i saw those photos i was absolutely amazed because i thought they were of YOUR apartment. i'm sure your place is phenomenal as well, but please excuse my ability to be dumb and not read carefully. haha.

that tree mural is really awesome, but i absolutely love that blue and the chandelier.

erin said...

I need to do a tearsheet day soon. Seriously, the magazines are out of control.

Remember to save some for your visualization board :)

ToKissTheCook said...

CurlySue: I will definitely be adding you to my reader. I'm thinkin we're gonna get along ;) Magazines breed in my house. And the babies are cute but messy.

Shanti: No, not so much my place. How sweet would THAT be? The post below with the roses is my place. I love it:) I think it needs a friendly chandelier or two though.

Erin: Good reminder. Right now the only visualization piece I've pulled is a photo of Katie Holmes from inStyle in that black one shouldered Armani. Hmmm what else...