Monday, February 18, 2008

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Chicago, IL

For Immediate Release:

Every good PR girl knows a few tricks of the trade....a handful of surefire tactics to pick up the pace when the good books just don't take the notice they should. Since I do so sympathize that not everyone is privy to the in's and out's of public relations (some might venture to define as those who determine in from out), here are three key examples:

1) Buzz. A little bit louder now. You know...revamp the look, add some haute to that couture and a little spice to the soup. This is not for every client. This trick takes a client that already has a certain inherent breed of panache. Looks great in red, errs on the side of pink and has a soft spot for tangerine. The potential for greatness and a safe bet for high expectations. Serious Sass, if you will...

2) An Event. Make that a party. People love parties. I certainly do (surprise, surprise) and I'm not alone there. Reporters, publicists and lightning rods (celebrities, socialites, those of royal bloodline or silicone enhancement) all have roles to play for a party to be a success. Like playing cops and robbers, these personality types vest themselves in parties far beyond the velvet ropes of Soho, Fulton Market and West Hollywood. This is a fact, not a trick.

The trick is that there are PR people who are capable of all three in carefully tempered proportion. The eye for detail of a hungry Page 6'er, the gentle touch of a seasoned handler and a controlled star quality that diffuses light on every member of the guest list. It takes all three in one spindoctor to throw a party that puts every individual part of the puzzle into its place. Cops and robbers included. Although in our world, that would be security and gatecrashers. There are full pages of the New York Times Style section devoted to these events. My favorites tend to be on Sundays...

3) A Merger. A Partnership. The conglomerate lovechild of two equally powerful, highly niched houses is a media blitz. You see this all the time and I guarantee that you're familiar with the concept on several fronts: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, the iPhone of Apple and AT&T, the CW (let's forget I said that). If the right balance is struck between homespun charm and high class hustle, you've got a runaway success on your hands. Specifically, the left ring fingers if I were to be making a point about great pairings...

You caught me. I do have a point. Here is the scoop that is only just starting to get those newswires tapping: My original public relations partner in capstone crime, another southerner with Cincinnati sensibilities and all-around wizard in regard to all of the above has become betrothed.

TKTC announces hearty and heartfelt congratulations to Miss Emily Rechter and Mr. Nick Sass on their engagement over the weekend in Denver, Colorado!

All media requests/ incredible karma/ marriage and wedding advice should be directed here for collection by the enfianced at their earliest convenience. Kentucky watch have a pro on your hands and likely a party no pony would dare compete with!

September's Sass Squared
Other high res imagery available by request.

In all seriousness (ok seriousness with levity circa Skippers), E and I became fast friends over independent studies, capstone presentations, wine, P-funks and as "adults," real career and client advice as we both navigated through the oft-exciting and unpredictable world of PR. Not to mention she is a straight up ace in terms of girlfriends.

And Nick appears to know this which makes me ecstatic for them both. When she rang last night, her intro was, "I think I have a new place for you to wear that red dress of yours..." I think not, dear Emiline, this will be a whole nother production indeed:) Congratulations again and again!!!


Nilsa S. said...

What a great tribute to some clearly amazing friends. Let the journey begin - and oh my, what a journey it will be!

Emily said...

Oh My Gosh! I am so lucky to have such a WONDERFUL friend like you! Thank you for the adorable posting! Love, Soon to be Mrs. SasS

Gjelly said...

Hi Jessi! Um, still need an intern??? ;-)

Shanti said...

aww, yay engagements!
love the press release format and the PR plug. ha. sometimes we just can't get away from certain things.

Jamie Lovely said...

Aw! This is sweet! Congrats to them!

Jenn said...

I like these clever tributes going around the blogosphere! Congrats to them :)

Cheryl said...

That's just about the best engagement announcement I've ever seen. Congrats to them!

erin said...

you are too cute!

oh and i love the sunday times style section. nothing better.

ToKissTheCook said...

Guys, take my words for it. She's fabulous and a champ for letting me be glib with her bling news:)