Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hyperlink: De-Stressing via the Internet

I'm on medium boil these days. The show is less than two weeks out (no joke, ALL of my clients will be there), I've got copy to write, pictures to procure, media to manage and there is sickness in our office- I am drinking EmergenC like water (four today).

So last night I reverted to a standby technique for feeling better and it worked like a charm. Pixar movie in the DVD player (Ratatouille needs to be on my To Own list), scrambled eggs for dinner, clean sheets and 7 hours to hang out in them. And I had obviously had fun writing Emily's piece.

Why do we forget the simple things so often when they work so well? Tonight I'm finishing my apartment bath and ordering a Miesian on whole wheat from Homemade Pizza Co (YUM and not too far off the health wagon...). Chester and I have a hang-out tomorrow morning and it will be -7 when I'm leaving the house.

Now that I'm thinking about it, there were a few things making me smile through my mayhem today so I am taking a deep breath and remembering to say thank you:

Sloane Crosley via Village Voice: Hilarious older essay on white girls with backsides approved by Sirmixalot. I may need to pick up her new book.

PB&Razz: Chocolate Yummies. Or, one reason the previous entry has come to apply to me.

Me: Clean Sheets, Clean House. I only get this close to Godliness 4 times a year.

John Mayer/ Justin Long via the New York Observer: I don't really ride the celeb gossip train anymore but this was really funny to me.

Susie: For telling me there probably aren't any monsters under my bed (or lurking on my blog) when I essentially went whining to her in the wee small hours of the morning.

JessicaP via her Tumblr via LovePuppy: Link #1 It's on the list. Which I've now finished:) Link #2 I genuinely love having creative friends. I think I've got LP/Midwest Jess convinced to make me one of her little dresses. Cole already sent me a set of the tarot cards he designed. Now I just need to get CVDJ to paint one of those salvaged doors for me like she did in the old days...

Candy by Poi Dog Pondering: Heard on XRT on my way into work, tracked it down and am jamming out. Follow the link to stream an amazing morning commute (even if it's a little naught). You can't sing along to this without drumming the steering wheel and lip dubbing George Michael-style.

D & J (below): Puppy Porn


Cheryl said...

I need some of that de-stressing myself. Enjoy!

erin said...

Oh I've got the white girl ass and have had it for a long time (yummies or not). True story: I was on Milwaukee walking to Jewel wearing my yoga pants and some guy said to me "God Bless America". I could not stop laughing.

This happens a lot.

True story #2: I think I get hit on my black men more often than white men.

Oh also, love Homemade Pizza Co. Haven't had that in ages. Yum.

Now I am ending my mini-post comment.

Jonk said...

Bon Iver. Lakeshore Theater. Thursday. April 10. 2008.

I might go to one of the stops in Madison or Minneapolis the following two nights.

Nilsa S. said...

A cup of soup, hours on the couch, clean sheets and a solid night of sleep would do me good, too. Not gonna happen, though maybe I'll get a little of it when I'm back in Boston this weekend. Dog porn is the best!

Susie said...

I'm glad I calmed your fears a bit...though I think I told you more horror stories than were necessary.

I love the simple things and try to appreciate them as often as possible!