Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday CVDJ!


One of my very best friends turns 25 today and we celebrated last night like we would have at any other point in our lives thus far (plus or minus pitchers of Blue Moon). Broomball, Pizza and Cupcakes. After a week of long hours, no internet at home, Hallmark hilarity and general exhaustion...I picked up a baker's dozen of assorted Mollycakes and a large coffee then promptly drove to the Lake Forest Winter Club.

In our tie-dyed, smack-talking, ill-balanced wintery mix, everyone grabbed sticks and picked teams for the glory that is Broomball. I of course arrived just in time to see the birthday girl being propped back to the clubhouse with a bloody chin, covered in ice dust. Good thing she's a trooper and we signed on for tonight with full expectation of a suburban roller derby.
Some of my best girls

I have not played on the ice in a few years. Getting to my car in the morning, of course, excluded. It was frigid. I could not feel my fingers, even through thrice lined gloves. I was wearing a massive coat and a hoodie and brightly colored Pumas. I am not terribly coordinated. None of these things would ordinarily add up to good times.

It was amazing. The simple physicality of being in a town rather than a city on a cold, clear night with a motley crew of embodied competition (including 1 D1 National Champ Lacrosse Player, 2 D2 all-star college soccer players, 3 overgrown boys who don't like losing). We could see our breath, there was a lot of laughing, it's almost impossible to control your speed in sneakers. I could feel my cheeks getting pink and the little wisps around my ears starting to curl. I didn't fall, I stole the ball, I made some blocks and I scored my team's last goal. I smiled the ENTIRE time and generally just felt ALIVE.
The culprit.

Right at the end there I also sustained a powerball straight to the front of my ankle. Graham's lucky he's cute because this thing is swollen and already quite the impressive contusion (that I'm now staring at with a cocktail of horror and pride). Also, I'm going to try to book G for a few projects coming up (my former go-to guy had to go work for A&F...silly Ohio). If you need a little G in your life (professionally, of course) let me know and I'll put you in touch. Subject to screening and finder's fee:) Pizza, Sidewalk Fries, Beer and Cupcakes at The Silo, just down the street from where I had my beers during LAST month's excursion up north. C has more pics so this will be updated with something other than cellphone pics. I'm also at work on a Saturday and should probably get some things done.

Oh yeah... leaving the sweatpants at home tonight. Meeting up with the Chicago Twentysomething Bloggers at Waterhouse!

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