Monday, March 24, 2008

New Addition(s)

I have learned that I can go for rather long stretches of time without any new purchases for my closet. Mostly because now that I don't have a real closet (little quirk of my well-loved little apartment) I don't have space to put the things I can't afford. That said, I needed a couple good updates to carry me through spring and into summer in my travels. The following are the ideas and 2 parts to the follow-through.For whatever reason, I've always had it in my head that should I be forced to pick a coast, I would be East all the way. But as I've gotten older and come to live in this rather sophisticated middle ground on the lake, I wonder if the Gemini in me couldn't do either. Portland, Seattle, San Francisco... AMAZING. LA? I don't know, man.

Even if I adore some of its part-time inahabitants, I don't know if I could jive there. Even the people living there admit that the blondes, boobs and sunburns are stereotypes with a very real population behind them. But I've never been and am thus in no position to judge.

How odd that it would be a spread in February's Lucky that gave me pause in LA's favor. These were their picks to represent that great state's resident socialite. I love it all. So either I need to buy a bigger bottle of sunscreen or I'm going to be bringing some West Hollywood flavor to the Third Coast this year.

Favorite New Dress- Kelly Lane via Turtle in Boston's South End. I liked it when I saw it initially. Nice color splash, pretty pintucks and work/play appropriate. The recycled cotton was a very green bonus wrapped in bright coral clothing. In other news...I'm a little obsessed with both Kelly Lane AND Turtle now. See you there again in May.

Keeping the Dream Alive- You would not THINK that a white leather biker jacket would be such a practical purchase. I certainly didn't. Which is why I couldn't figure out why I was obsessing over it 6 weeks after I half-jokingly tried it on with P. I went back. I tried it again. I went for it.
My splurge, still at less than a fifth (ha) of any of the jackets Lucky was featuring! Thanks Clothesminded and...JLO??? Wore it every day of my Boston trip (above with Brother) and every day it's been warm enough in Chicago since then. I love crisp. I love the unexpected. I love a little edge and I love a little polish. Well when you put it that way...I still don't rock it as hard as the girl in that Journey video but I'm getting to be okay with it. I'm going to go tease my hair some more.


~Angela~ said...
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Susie said...

I'm at Turtle with you in May!

Seriously love the white leather.

Don't move to LA, move to Boston!

SeeLeigh said...

mmm i love white leather... you looked fabby in that jacket!
sign me up for the turtle trip too :) :)

ToKissTheCook said...

Angela: As of 5 am when I sleepwalked into my laptop and found your message, I think I thought your account had been hacked. Seriously. And instead that was super nice, now that I'm actually awake. THANK YOU!! That makes my dubious Tuesday!

Susie: You LIVE there...go early:) And I can't move to LA. My skin would turn into the wrong kind of leather.

ToKissTheCook said...

Seeleigh: Thanks...take Sues and go early! Take care of the south end for me!

Nilsa S. said...

You have your own style and you own it. That's what makes you so fabulous.

shanti said...

haha i'm with everyone else when i tell you not to move to LA, but please do come visit. :)

that jacket is awesome. i love white jackets for spring summer and you definitely pull that one off. as far as LA style goes, the thing that bugs me about it is that people spend so much money on super casual things that can be done for much less. the edge is a little bit different and there are some outfits that i put together in my head and think if i was in NY or chicago, yes, but not in LA. however,jersey dresses and lightweight scarves, as seen in that lucky spread, are a staple in my closet.

L Sass said...

The white jacket is to die for! Great find.

ToKissTheCook said...

Nilsa:You are today's favorite fortune cookie. I'm going to print that off, cut it into a little strip and paste it on my mirror for when I get ready in the morning and am feeling dull. Or super tacky.

Shanti: I can TOTALLY see the overpriced casuals movement. I would like to at least see/experience LA before writing it off anyway:) Maybe next winter...pretty tough to leave Chi in the summertime!

Sass: Thanks- I feel so Kelly Kapowski!

Larissa said...

White leather jacket, huh? You just got me all jealous.

Cheryl said...

I say East all the way too. But I think you should stay in Chicago :) We got a big lake after all.