Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Music Is My _______

We've covered that music and food are two of my passions. I will never be paid to do either and that just keeps the love pure. Two things that have been around since the dawn of time and are meant to be shared among friends. Makes all the sense in the world to me. That said, this week music has been popping up in some pretty strange places, in some fairly odd ways. I know it's long but stick with it. Voici:

Music is my Big Yellow Taxi.

I talk to cabbies. I am that girl who gets out of a cab and has traded life stories with whoever is driving (you're so not surprised). On the way to the blog meet-up in February? Got into a great conversation about the role of immigration in this year's election and what actual change would look like. This type of thing is the norm mostly because I've been pretty lucky. Plus I never shy away from a great story and find that cab drivers are much the same.

So when my car was out of commission on Thursday, I happily hopped in a cab on the way to work... having just barely missed the bus. The cab driver is asking me about my job etc. "I do PR in the beauty industry etc etc," says TKTC. He says he could figure that because I'm looking all fashionable and put together. I don't care if that was an easy shot at a clearly frazzled woman...I was running late and I will take the damn compliment.

Anyhow, we're chatting away and he says he was just in LA. I say, I have a good friend who lives in LA part-time, he's a musician. Cabbie says Really? Cause my daughter is a famous DJ and that's who I was visiting. His daughter? DJ Colette. Now I'm no house music specialist but I know that name. And he says her boyfriend is an actor turned musician but I'm playing it too cool to ask about him. He's really proud of her. She's in Chicago for a set at Smart Bar once a month. I of course look her up as soon as I'm back at the office and not only is she in fact very well-known, but her boyfriend? Rookie of the Year. Yes, I know Thomas Ian Nicholas has been in things since then (little things like American Pie 1-3) but I fell in love at Rookie of the Year. He's making music now if you're interested. I kicked it with his almost father-in-law on my way to work last week.

Music is my Babysitting Client.

I have three families I still sit for from time to time even though I've taken a big step back in the last year to pursue...a life. But the money is great, the kids are bright and the parents are genuinely interesting people. Plus, girlfriend can't be going out ALL the time. Anticipating a fairly wild weekend coming up, I took it easy over Easter.

Saturday night I was more than happy to head to Old Town to hang out with the kiddies, read a billion awesome magazines and scope out their latest music picks (so.much.cooler.than.me). Then this morning I got a call from Momma L about a friend's benefit tonight she'd almost forgotten. Poppa S is out of town, could I watch the kids for a bit? Of course!

Per usual, kids were great (so cute). We read some books, we made some farm animal noises, may have done a little dancing and voila- everyone asleep by 8:30 and I'm catching up with Caro. Momma L comes home and we're talking as I gather my things and I blithely ask where Poppa S is. "He's in Nashville for Kenny Chesney's 40th birthday party."

Huh? Poppa S introduced my to LCD Soundsystem, Neko Case, Joseph Arthur etc... Apparently they've been working together through Corona and just having a blast so S flew on down and was kicking it at Tin Roof with KC. Hilarious.

What else is funny about that? I don't oft think about Kenny Chesney. I have one song by him and it's a cover, Please Come to Boston. If you've not heard it, it's about a guy that's a bit of a gypsy who keeps trying to get his hometown girl to come meet him on the road and she's all "No way, guy. Come home- there's nowhere like this and no one quite like me out there." You may already see where I would connect with this a bit and why it might have been in my head when I mentioned it a couple weeks ago!

But WAIT... it gets better.

Music is my Brother & My Dear.

Brother has frequently been referenced on this site for his music scoping prowess so that one would stand alone and make some sense. My Dear (also know on TKTC as Jaimeson) is fairly invlolved in the music industry for work. They were together tonight. My two favorite guys were together tonight. Where were they together? Boston.

Sometimes, Universe, I have just really got to hand it to you. I didn't even see "Connect Four!" coming.

As for this weekend..
1) Long scheduled dinner in Greektown with P tomorrow night
2) My darling Em on Friday night!
3) Traveling with Jaimeson on Saturday for my first time properly in the state of Wisconsin (and to Madison, no less). Roadtrip!
4) Apparently marching in the Greek Independence Day Parade on Sunday (TKTC Note: I am not actually Greek, but I may be by Monday)
5) Hotel Cafe Tour with bloggers and buddies alike at the Park West on Sunday evening. Hopefully we'll have better luck than Sass:)

Thank God I have this blog to help me pay attention to the million little details. I'm just beginning to connect the dots...Universe, I am on to you.


ANG* said...

i will be there on sunday night as well! previously planned to be outta town, but the planets aligned and now i get to see my boy radin with fun chicago blogger-girls. yay :)

Jonk said...

Henry Rowengartner is a musician? I didn't know that.

Madison! There are so many places you must see besides the High Noon Saloon. Ahh! I actually might be down there later this week, or sometime next week, for a job interview (date not yet set). But I won't be there on Saturday, sadly. Have fun!

Nilsa S. said...

Honestly? This post is one of the reasons I adore you so. And I don't even know you THAT well, other than the meet-up and Ron/Chester. But, it just shows what a great, open-minded, open-to-fun person you are. And I adore that.

One other thing. Madison? One of my favorite small cities. You HAVE to go to the farmer's market there over the summer. It's HUGE and your taste buds will kick into overdrive.

Jenn said...

I'm soooo looking forward to Sunday. Joshua Radin? ::squees:: Yay!

Yes I realize this was pretty random. My bad!

L Sass said...

As if I could be more in love with you.

Please Come to Boston is, like, one of my favorite songs ever. I discovered a Joan Baez cover of it on a cd that I stole from my parents in high school--great angsty teenage music! I have the Kenny Chesney cover, too.

I predict that there will be no sucky girls at your concert this weekend!

Cheryl said...

Oh! I love Greektown. have fun. And some saganaki for me...

Christy Lou Who said...

I was recently telling a friend about how I can't believe he doesn't talk to cabbies. I'm definitely letting him know about the positivity of getting to know your driver.

As for do I want to be Henry De Tamble? Yes. Yes, I do. A lot. So if your fab music taste has other Chicago mantras, definitely pass them along!

Gjelly said...

Ooh! Thom and Colette are married! My old roomate's brother and him are like best friends! That's what happens when you go to school in LA....

ToKissTheCook said...

Ang: Can't wait! I'm going to be running around like a crazy lady but I'll look for you!

Jonk: I know right? That arm mighta come in handy on a power guitar solo. AND...I oughta have a couple hours to wander while everyone's soundchecking...give me some tips man!

Nilsa: THANKS- takes one to know one and aren't you glad that now we do? Nilsa, you are also due to give some Madison tips!

Jenn: I know- Brother AND Sass both said his set was AWESOME. Have you already bought the new EP or are you waiting for the show?

Sass: Any girls that get too sassy in Chicago are going to have a rather interesting TKTC to deal with. For some reason I'm picturing SATC when Samantha throws a melon through Richards window in the Hamptons.

Oh...and I heart you too:)

Cheryl:I am so excited. Seriously...beside myself. Full review tomorrow am. Provided there is no ouzo involved. In which case, make it tomorrow afternoon.

ChristyLou: Campaign Chicago starts now. Sass is already on her way. Not to brag, but I'm pretty good with the Chi pitch! Just think of all the books BASED here. And the Chicago History Museum does book tours on them ALL the time!

GJelly: You are the new gossip correspondant...Go! Ha- I just looked it up and you are so right. What a cute couple they are!

nicoleantoinette said...

Oh no you did NOT just reference Rookie of the Year. I think I LOVE you.

Emily said...

Can't wait to see you on Friday!!!!! Should be in the area by 9ish - will call or text from the car. xoxo

So@24 said...

Did he just say funky buttlovin?

Susie said...

Seriously, what is it with how nice the Chicago cab drivers being soo nice??? It is NOT like that in Boston.

Loveeee Kenny Chesney. Like a lot.

So excited for your weekend. You must send texts, e-mails, phone calls, anything you can!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you always have the most random universe is messing with you stories. i love it.