Sunday, March 16, 2008

ORD to BOS: Cupcakes, Cocktails & Crazies

Everyone Loves A Boston Girl & TKTC Part II: Boston Edition!
Nice drunk eyes, there, TKTC. What? That was #2??

YAY!! Just minutes before midnight with no luggage, a carry-on of smashed cupcakes and with a flirt-induced blush, I arrived at the Brookline threshold of our favorite Boston blogger, the fabulous Sues. For those of you who may have joined us more recently, Susie and I figured out early on in the life of TKTC that a shared love of Big Bird Goes to Japan, Martha Stewart and orange food hinted that we should get to be "real life friends" as soon as possible. So when she was in Chi visiting her sister, we made it happen and, er, we were right. As in, a force to be reckoned with from "Third Coast" to East Coast.

Sues' frequent partner in crime Chels braved the late arrival on a schoolnight so I got in the door and immediately had two girlfriends to babble with. Let's get this out early...yes, it's creepy to explain to family and friends that you make friends on the internet. My best recommendation is to get over it because no one who watches us for 5+ minutes would be able to figure that out on their own. We decided to give them the opportunity to try though and after a quick freshen up, we headed to Boylston.

We ended up at a little spot called Dillon's and with two spots at the bar and blueberry Stoli/sodas on tap...we didn't even look up from our chatter for 2 hours. Seriously, I remember watching Sues get checked out on our way INTO the bar and on our way OUT of the bar but the in between? We were so intently dissecting our twentysomething nuances that I DOUBT we looked all too approachable. Fine by me, I was quite content with the company:)

So a quiet night for romance at the bars but the real action was on the sidewalks anyway. Let's just say that the two of us, rather a successful team at Pint if memory serves, were really only serving to attract a more "nomadic" variety of man Thursday night. Hilarious. I think homeless men shouted rather unlikely requests on 4-5 different occasions. Not including the rando in a Beamer who wanted to give us a ride home as we hailed a cab and the two F.O.B. Irish guys who wanted to kick off our St. Patty's celebrating ahead of schedule. I think I speak for both of us when I say that the cupcakes at home trumped, nay, TROUNCED all other alternatives presented.

Single slices as big as your head.The best part? We did not discuss the joining of Cupcake forces ahead of time. Susie pioneered the Chicago Cupcake Crawl when she was here so I decided to attempt travel with a sampling from the winning bakery. She, having her own favorites in Boston, thought to pick up a decadent batch from her local champ, Party Favors. I half-thought to develop a system by which to rate the cupcakes but it was 3:30 am and we just wanted to try quarters of everything. So we did. And they were all good. And next time I'm in Boston, we're doing a Boston cupcake crawl. Because now South Enders like the Buttery, Flour Bakery and Appleton all have serious competition from the Brookline scene-stealer on Beacon. I went to sleep in my only shirt with frosting breath. I dreamed of beautiful bakeries and surprise as the pics below were both taken on Thursday- inside Molly's and outside Molly's. I want a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever and a reason to work in Boston for 50% of the year. More to come... it was a stellar weekend.

*And get used to the cupcakes, kiddies. I may have walked off our delicious downfall in the South End on Friday but there's a Guest Post coming from HC's favorite punk-rock chemist that involves our fave frosted minicakes.


Nilsa S. said...

I love the connections the Internet allows us. Besides meeting my fiance online, I have had the opportunity to meet other bloggers. How cool is that?

nicoleantoinette said...

This sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend!!

Heather said...

I got your package on Saturday! Your note was so cute, and indeed it did ; ) The nail polish was an added bonus. Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Cupcakes and cocktails....perfection.

Jenn said...

That puppy is so adorable!

Susie said...

Awww yay. I cannot wait for you to come back :) :)

Our run-ins with the homeless were hilarious (though I like your term "nomadic" better). I'm glad you're not scared away from Boston for good!

L Sass said...

I am so jealous reading you girls' posts. I want to hang out with you guys!

So@24 said...

Blogs bringing friends together. This is what it's all about, kids!

ToKissTheCook said...

Nilsa: It is in fact THE coolest.

NicoleAntoinette: It really was:)

Heather: Yessss! I think yours may have been the first to arrive!

Cheryl: Theme of the next meet-up. We can do some apps too so we're not 140% Sugarbuzzed.

Jenn: And SUPER sweet too!!

Susie: I could not get scared away. Ever. You're stuck with me I'm afraid. I'll be back in May to steal your straightener, raid the frosting in the fridge and take over the living room. Then we can go to the beach!!! So fun:)

Sass: No worries, Susie does not get out of coming to Chicago just cause her sister is moving back to Boston. Au contraire, in the fall she should be coming back and you will need to join in the fun!

So@24: You better believe it. If we can get a contingent going for BlogHer in San Fran, we may need a guest appearance.