Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bright House in the Dark Woods

I am equal parts city mouse and country mouse. This little spot is dedicated to the one more likely to hole up in the forest on occasion.

Give me a clearing in the middle of some foothills and I will plant this little house with its huge windows and potbelly stove. This is what a big stack of books, someone sweet in bed, snacks in the cupboard and deer in the morning looks like.

Thanks Apartment Therapy. (more pics after the jump)


Nilsa S. said...

I saw this house! I think I originally saw it on some HGTV or Style Network show. But, I also saw it on AT! Amazing! The setting reminds me of my parents' house in Wellfleet - hard to believe a beach house can be in the middle of the woods! Speaking of, I think we've narrowed the dates we'll be there this summer. Let's chat offline!

Alexa said...

i want one!

L Sass said...

Love it.

shanti said...

oh man. i'm in love and i don't even really like the country. but those photos combined with what you described make me want to love it.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

That home looks like pure heaven. Being that I'm from colorado, I have an inner mountain girl that just wants to live in a cabin for a few months and wear wool sweaters.

The Charming Hedonist said...

That's the kind of house you could stand and watch the sun rise with a nice cup of coffee... I love it.

ToKissTheCook said...

Nilsa: If I were in a position of stylistic power...I would talk about it always. And imagine my little quarterlife in it.

Alexa: Welcome! I was jsut reading about you on Jenn's blog!

Sass: :)

Shanti: THe power of suggestion. Plus where wouldn't you go if you knew there'd be snacks, a lover and some deer?

Chels: Another city girl with a remote side. Both. It's not too much to ask for.

CH: I love it. Go to bed-ish with the sun, get up extra early to see it rise and catch the dew, back to bed for a bit. Wake up for breakfast, putter around the garden, take a walk, have a nap...this is the life.