Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I'm at Heathrow loves. I have a quick jump in Frankfurt just ahead and then the long flight home. I have a box of Bendick's Bittermints in my bag that probably won't come to see the shores of Lake Michigan. So much to tell you but still organizing it a bit in my head. The bottom line was that it was the adventure I'd been craving with bits of very normal homelife folded in.

-I drank my weight in tea at Nick's. More like a fifty/fifty split with Pimm's actually (Alexa, it's my favorite too). We also watched cricket. Nonstop. Nick is a sport compendium. I make up rules to the assorted games he forces me to watch.

-We watched Charlie Bit Me no less than 23 times at Nick's. And all of the unfortunate remakes of Charlie Bit Me. And every other home movie put forward by Charlie and Harry's parents. That last one probably makes us pretty creepy but we're not the ones but our hilarious little ones on YouTube. Molly and I then brought our versions of it with us to Birmingham. Charlie, that really hurt and it's still huuurrrrtttting!

- Birmingham is trashtastic. No offense. Getting shamelessly hit on by toothless, wasted Brummies at 5 in the afternoon was kind've a trip highlight. Even Jaimeson was giggling at that point.

I did manage to befriend the aunt twice removed of a bride at our hotel. HUGE Indian wedding. All these gorgeous saris and everything smelled like samosas and we really should have taken them up on those leftovers.

-Dinner with Jaimeson, Jim and Molly at the pub next to the venue. At least 11 potatoes were sacrificed in the making of three meals. I'm not eating anything but vegetables for the next 3 weeks. Also...who knew that would turn out to be a double date? :)

I think I'll stop there, at the cusp of a story. More to come with a few pics. Double Decker tour bus life, The Hole in the Wall, Slapshot, Malteasers, Happy Go Lucky etc. And London of course with my most divine of deity friends.

What I will say now is that I love Bristol and I probably love him too. Mind the gap, I'm headed home.


~Angela~ said...

Gosh, your life is interesting. :)

Nilsa S. said...

You are filthy rotten, ya know? I mean, here you are having a jolly ole time in England and teasing those of us left behind. Double date? What say you? C'mon, quit with the teasers. Give us the meat (we'll leave the veggies behind for you, don't worry)!

Hahaha - sounds like a great trip - can't wait to see pictures!

Alexa said...

pimms and lemonade!!!!! so jealous.

also, what about this double date?? bow-chik-a-wow-wow.

also 2.0, pictures!!!

safe travels home : )

L Sass said...

We watch Charlie Bit Me at least once a day at work!

Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

nicoleantoinette said...

I just saw Charlie Bit Me for the first time last week and almost died laughing. Oh, and Pimms? Wow, haven't heard that since I lived in London!

Glad you had so much fun!

Shelley said...

I had seen the Charlie video awhile ago, but it has gained popularity on campus now. I heard it quoted at work on Sunday.

Oh, so Ingrid Michaelson is coming back to Madison and is headlining this time. She is in Chicago on June 5th, but that's a week night... but she'll be in Madison on Saturday the 7th. You should come to Madison and see her with me!

Sounds like you had fun on your trip... I'm jealous. I want to go to Europe so bad.

Jonk said...

Sounds like an awesome trip.

Unrelated: The Weepies have been jonked.

ToKissTheCook said...

Angela: Selectively, it certainly is. Life in general as you well know...

Nilsa: I'm back. And yes, an unholy double date that at one time came out of nowhere and yet was completely predictable.

Alexa: Umm Pimms is going to have a permanent spot in my liquor cabinet. Posh it up a touch.

Sass: Took it to new extremes. Sends me into crazy giggles.

NA: It has that effect...when the little one starts laughing and then at the end when he goes after the finger AGAIN...I die.

Shelley: I kinda want to!! The only problem is that there is alot going on that weekend. It's the closest one to my 25th plus a potential biz trip to NYC and/or LA (never been). And James Taylor will be here playing Ravinia. I am kinda looking for an excuse to get back up there though, i loved it.

Jonk: It was and I'm excited!! I just saw that in my google reader!!!

Cheryl said...

Aw man. I'd tell you you suck, but that'd be the jealousy speaking, cause you actually rock. Have fun!