Friday, April 25, 2008

One Bag Wonder

I'm here! In a bright sunroom in Southwestern England! Molly and Nick are still asleep but after 8 NORMALLY timed hours of rest, I'm once again a morning person.

TKTC Notes:
- The train to the airport was on time, my flight was on time and David (Nick's dad) was waiting for me at Heathrow. I did not check a bag. You are SO impressed.

- I did not make a new boyfriend on the aeroplane. I sat next to a rather overzealous guy who refused to stop speaking a rapid mix of Arabic/English until the flight attenadant stood over home and watched him shut it off.

- He also patted me on the leg 3/4 of the way through the in-flight film, "Becoming Jane," to ask me the name of it again because it is his life story.

- And when I needed to get back into my window seat from my lone Atlantic WC break, he did not stand up, rather he shuffled around to hang his legs off the side so I needed to scoot by him with one or the other side of me in his face. This is approximately a half hour after he asked me, out of nowhere exactly how tall I am and how often I wear "major high heels." Gew.

-Nick's house is BEAUTIFUL. It's on top of a huge hill and the back yard looks out over the greenest spring valley I've seen. It seriously looks like the entire back side of the house is on constant screensaver of the Teletubbies intro. It is 9am. THere are sheep in the valley.

-Yesterday afternoon David let me throw a biscuit at a fox that was in the backyard. A real fox.

- Molly and I squealed when I picked her up at the train yestrerday. I scared a taxi driver.

- We had proper fish and chips for dinner last night. Plus three beers each for Molly and I. Ha...I'm a lightweight in England.

- Need to get that under control because we have a pub lunch in Oxted today and then we are "No Sleep Nancies" with Jaimeson & Co tomorrow in Birmingham.

So far, this is my best impulse decision in recent memory.


L Sass said...

Hooray for the other side of the pond!

Drink more beer.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a blast! I. Am. Jealous! Enjoy! :D

Chardsy said...

I am still so so jealous.

Have a Smithwicks for me!

Emily said...

Enjoy every minute - you deserve it!Cheers! (seemed fitting) :) xo

Nilsa S. said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip so far. And it's only your first full day there. Keep sharing the stories with those of us who will not make it to that side of the pond in 2008!

Christy Lou Who said...

I still appreciate the stories of the kind of people you meet on the plane. I always get seated next to Business Guy Who Hogs the Armrest.

Cheryl said...

excellent trip so far, i am so impressed with the carry on. and why is it that international flights are guaranteed to have someone kind of strange near you?

Alexa said...

oh this sounds like so much fun!!! drink a pitcher of pimm's and lemonade! that is my favorite party of england by far.