Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lady Lovelylinks

In apology for the overwhelming length of the post from yesterday, I am doing a post that is mostly links and pretty pictures today. Although the "Train to Paris" story is worth a read if you're bed ridden or something:) Enjoy!

I'm still thoroughly enjoying the Fleet Foxes, who I figured out last weekend when they opened for Blitzen Trapper at Schubas. Nice nice guys and very different from anything else I've been listening to lately. Haunting like an an old Americana folk song...reminds me of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow a bit.
My plan was to use the pic on the far right to illustrate this segment. For some reason I see Lady Lovely Locks in their Sun Giant cover. The fact that this site exists is a little creepy to me but I'm not hatin'. Anyway, upon my Google Image search I found a couple other fun ones so love on the montage and snag the EP- just released on iTunes all of 4 days ago.

If you just want some new music and you want it now: Greg Laswell (yum), Joshua Radin and- a TKTC favorite person- Cary Brothers all had new loves come out very recently.
For all my girls planning weddings...Creature Comforts did a pretty cute piece on planning a chic and affordable day.
Capital A Prints out of Detroit has some pretty sweet poster designs up. I love this one for Jens Lekman- one of my Scandocrushes-but found about about them through the Blitzen boys (check out their lightening jar here). I keep coming up with ideas to decorate my "office space" and it runs a real gamut between peacock blue wall with gold frames and the vintage mirrors I've been collecting OR framed prints of concert posters and some personal photos (other than my fridge, there are none in my apartment). That may be a project for next week, once I rid myself of this huge box of nonsense that's been here since I moved in.This Just In: FashionIndie has determined that curls AND big hair are in for Spring. Guess I'm in luck as I wake up with this hot mess every day. I shouldn't say that, I actually like my hair. It's like shoes- no matter where I'm at in my jeans sizes, I can usually depend on it to at least do it's own thing. A girl in Starbucks yesterday asked me what I put in it so I will now recommend two things to all you curlies:

1) Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Creme if your hair is my texture.
2) to determine what your texture is and/or a SLEW of products for the kink-inclined;)

TKTC Note: Not actually awake in this picture and reserving the right to take it down if reconsidered.

Style Files gets all the extra credit for finding this gorgeous "white house" in Paris. More pics after the jump but there are so many worn, natural touches. Very Greek Isles, everything textured and sunwashed. Yum.
Love this. I'm definitely not usually this Flash-Bang but this just looks lux. Sadly it is priced...consistently. I'm going to covet anyway.
So Decorno is over Robert Longo. But he's new to me and I'm loving this shot. I feel like it's kinda nice to just be a hobby decorator when things like this come up. I know what I like so I don't really worry about what's in or out. I also happen to think I could ROCK this dress but beside the point...focusing on the "art."Photo above is TKTC Saturday thus far. Greek-style Kefir (new to TKTC), strawberries and a little honey for breakfast with a big ole cup of Peet's, blog love and eventually some laundry-folding, gym running madness. Yesterday I did 4 miles in 31 minutes (do the math, I'm not so fast) so today I'm gonna see if I can kick it up a notch.


Shelley said...

Ugh. Treadmills. Are you excited for it to be downright gorgeous outside this week?! I can't wait to run outside again. 7 minute 45 second miles aren't bad. If I could get myself to run for 30 minutes these days I'm sure I would be doing worse than that!

Jenn said...

I love your hair. It has oomph! I can't wait until I get my own place again. I'm looking forward to getting some really awesome posters for the walls.

ToKissTheCook said...

Shelley: I am so happy to see the sun this morning after it was SNOWING last night. I'm so ready for warmth. 1 week till I'm in the UK and then I'm back and it's MAY so let's get ready for that! Per the running- I can't run outside. It's quite sad. I can't seem to distract myself although to be fair I haven't tried for a long while. I walk. So you'll be running laps around me come this alleged sunny weather.

Jenn: Thanks:) You need to post YOUR great hair day...shiny shiny! Let me know when you start looking for's one of my favorite things to do!

Nilsa S. said...

You know which link I followed first, right? Heheheh. And now I learn you're heading into the gym and I might actually get to see you? Way to make my day!!!!

Alexa said...

i have a feeling we would totally get along in real life.

yeah, i'm forward.


L Sass said...

Wow, you and I have the OPPOSITE hair. Although my curly-haired friends tell me not to covet their ringlets, I still do!!

Jonk said...

I told you about the Memorial Terrace in Madison a couple weeks ago before your venture northward. The weather will be much nicer come July. You might want to return then, as the Fleet Foxes were just announced to be playing the Terrace on Friday night, July 18th.

Jonk said...

Oh, also, I heard that Bon Iver is opening for Jens Lekman in London in a couple weeks.

ToKissTheCook said...

Nilsa: Oh I have a guess alright☺ Great to see you yesterday!

Alexa: Oh I think based on yesterday and today, that’s pretty on-the-nose. I read a good chunk of archives yesterday and had come to the same conclusion.

Sass: The good news is that you can MAKE curly hair every once and awhile with the right products. I feel an experiment coming on…
Jonk: You did tell me about Memorial Terrace and it was right next to our hotel so I walked over on Sunday morning before brunch. I bet it’s SPECTACULAR during the summer but I think I’ll be at BlogHer that weekend in San Fran.

ALSO… BON IVER AND JENS LEKMAN?! You just blew my mind. That would be a reason to go BACK to the UK (I leave in a week) if I didn’t think my bank account would turn violent on me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome hair! We share the greatness of curls. I love them. Ever get the question, "Where did you get your perm?" ACK. People. I wish I looked like you though when I wake up. My undereye circles would scare the dead.