Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake Shake Shake

This is not California. When the house starts shaking at 4:39 am, I wake up thinking:

a) I need to stop eating Starfruit so close to bedtime. Although pomegranate with kiwi and strawberries on top is gonna be tough to resist. Branner too, the amazing neighborhood ambassador/gladiator puppy!

b) Jaimeson is texting me at his favorite time of day and my SUPERphone must be underneath me somewhere. Like in the foundation of my house.

c) The house is being burgled and it's the team from Oceans 11 who are up to their shenanigans. I guess this one is a little close to point A.
Sweet Dreams.

Lucky for me, HC was pretty freaked out too so I knew something was up. Just not to the point where I did anything but check email and go back to sleep.

An EARTHQUAKE in Chicago? This after a COUGAR was hunted down in Roscoe Village? Universe, seriously, this is not Laurel Canyon. But if you're really that confused, give US the sunshine and leave Paris Hilton where she is.

You know the LA Times writer who reported this morning must have been giggling the entire time. 5.4 earthquake. Nothin but Shake-n-Bake for the wild west, but scrambling my eggs for me in the midwest. My first earthquake.


Shanti said...

a cougar in roscoe village? like a real cougar and not an old lady hunting down hot younger men? nuts.

uh, i don't know what to say about the earthquake. i suppose it'd be a bit weird for me to say congrats on your first time, but yeah. glad you guys are okay!

p.s. love the take the sunshine and leave paris hilton line.

joner said...

I wish it has been the cast of oceans 11 in my apartment ... ahhh to wake up to george, matt, and brad would be a lovely way to start a Friday.

Susie said...

Soo crazy! Kind of exciting though...glad you woke up. I totally would have slept through the whole thing. Awww, poor HC!

Nilsa S. said...

We felt it, too. Well, Sweets did. I was up to take the dog out and Sweets said something along the lines of, "I think we did something to this bed, because it now shakes and rattles without prompting." (Don't ask!) Needless to say, I looked at him funny. Later, he stormed into the bathroom while I was in the shower to share with me news of the quake. Too funny!

Jamie Lovely said...

Turns out I was at Santullo's while you guys were out! I'm was too busy stuffing my face to check my phone again before I left to find out.

Alexa said...

i wanna experience an earthquake!! but in a totally safe no one gets hurt kinda way.

L Sass said...

When I was in an earthquake in college (spring 2001, Washington state), I thought that our washing machine, which was in the basement, was going crazy on the spin cycle!

Susie said...

Also, I talked to my sister around 11 a.m. and said "ooh, did the earthquake wake you up??" and she responded with, "what are you talking about? What earthquake?"

She asked her roommate who had no clue about an earthquake either.

Clearly I know more about Chicago than some of the people who actually live there. Thank you Chicago bloggers.

So@24 said...

I actually heard about this while driving into work on NPR.

I swear to you the first thought on my mind was, "I wonder if Cook is gonna blog about this..."

I don't know if that's sad, awesome, or a little of both.

Jenn said...

First cougars and now earthquakes?! What's next?

P.S. pomegranate with kiwi and strawberries on top? Um...yum!

nicoleantoinette said...

I do live in Cali and am terrified of earthquakes like all the time. GAH

Jonk said...

You felt the earthquake? I'm in Forest Park this weekend. Nobody felt anything here. Except maybe the baby, I suppose. She can't speak to say one way or another.

Marguerite said...

What the heck is going on in Chi-Town since I left?? An EARTHQUAKE?? Haha!! Im getting back to the city tonight and I miss you... dinner this week?? Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Oh I would have freaked! It is weird when an earthquake happens somewhere other than CA, but I honestly don't know what to do. Do you stand in the doorway like I've heard or do you try and make it outside? I have no clue! That'd be like a blizzard in Hawaii!!

ToKissTheCook said...

Shanti: For real. An earthquake. Now I can be all nonplussed when I finally visit SoCal.

Joner: If I woke up with all three of them in my bed, I would have just finished making the best Jimmy Kimmel video thus far.

Sues: HC will live. Short term memory. We had tuna for lunch and I think she's now forgotten anything that existed before the tuna.

Nilsa: You were up with SOMI??? THAT early?! Good Lord puppy!

Jamie: Can you please bring Edie to Wicker Park for a playdate with Branner? I LOVE corgies. Little schmoos. I'm sure D loves that I'm arranging playdates for HIS puppy.

Alexa: That's pretty much what this was...No damage, no nothin.

Sass: We should have the Washington chat. I don't think we've gone there just yet but it's one of my favorite states.

Sues to the 2: It would not surprise me. No offense to Beth but what if we just traded sisters for a touch? You freelance! You can be anywhere! Come for 6 months or for summer!

So@24: I like the both cocktail option. You came up in "normal" conversation the other night. Thank God it was with another blogger because otherwise "Who names their child So@24?" would have come up. Those are the types of questions my reality-based friends ask.

Jenn: Come with Jamie and Edie and we'll all go for Starfruit. We can be the ice cream holders while they're doing the puppy wrangling thing.

Nicole: I've never heard of an earthquake in DC. Just sayin.

Jonk: I did feel it. The same way everyone else did though. An earthquake didn't really occur to me but no doubt that shit was shaking. So strange...kinda fun though!

Mag-a-roo: YAY!!!! I've been missing you! We are falling apart without you in city limits!!

CurlySue: I think you are supposed to get to a doorway. I did not manage to get out of bed, but for stronger quakes I think it's stand in a doorway or get under a table. Or under the liquor cabinet if you can fit. I thought for a few seconds, check email from the celly and went back to sleep.

Cheryl said...

Earthquake? I clearly didn't feel a thing. I also misesd the cougar so, yeah I'm 0 for 2. And the cougar was in my neighborhood!