Monday, May 5, 2008

Let's Hear It For The Boys

It's the morning after and strange as it probably sounds, I feel better about my life and the people in it today than before I got mugged last night. I mean people (neighbors, bankers, cops, friends, lovers) just stepped up.

If I have to pick my favorite part about getting mugged (thus far... the day is young), it has to be the protective outrage already coming from the various males in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm an independent woman and I held my own last night. You never fight with someone who has a weapon but once he took off, I chased him vigorously while shouting some fairly colorful iterations of the word "fuck."

In fairness, not exactly sure what I thought I was going to do if I caught up to him but I know I at least rattled him with my crazy eyes and Banshee-Cossack temper. According to his rap sheet, I also have an inch and 10 lbs on this kid. Too bad I didn't have a hammer. Hammer trumps screwdriver.

Back to the boys. I am both warmed and amused by the testosterone-laced bravado that has ensued into today from man and beast alike:

The Epicurious Chemist: "Although Jamieson looks far larger than I am, if you ever get a bad feeling or something and you need someone to make sure shit's alright, let me or Lisa know. She is armed with pepper spray and I am armed with guns of solid muscle. And an uncanny knowledge of old Jean Claude van Damme movies. I'll go Lionheart on some punk ass kids."

Bri: "You let me know if I need to come up there. Too bad Alex had already left(Bri's brother was staying chez TKTC this weekend). He would have put a vicious beating in place on behalf of the family."

Jaimeson (via this morning's facebook status): " Jaimeson is trying to be calm about TKTC getting mugged. 'A head for a tooth,' says the angry Greeklastname."

Branner the Puppy (by way of D):"Branner's gonna throw down on those guys."

My dad was en route to the UK when everything went down so Mom and I have made the executive decision not to tell him as I am fine. The only thing scarier than a big Greek manfriend is my big Russian Dad (the furious and irate edition).

Pity the fool.


L Sass said...

Isn't there something so darn CUTE when the mild-mannered men in your life go into protective mode?

Were we blog friends when AS got into his kicking fight with a cab driver? Yeah, that was adorable.

Shawn said...

As someone who has never been in a fight or even hit another for any reason, reading this definitely conjures my rage.

I'm terribly sorry you had to go through that, Jessi, and I'm beyond relieved that you're ok. Let me know if you need anything...

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are okay!!!! I love working with the men in blue, they are awesome. As for the men in your life, I hear ya, it's nice to know they will whomp some ASS if they try to hurt or DO hurt us.

nicoleantoinette said...

This is how the guys in my life were when my car was broken into last month. It's a nice reminder that people are there for you, even though the situation sucks.

Cheryl said...

So. I feel so bad to have missed the mugging news. I hope you're ok and you are right that at least you are ok. It really is sad, isn't it. What those kids did for an iPod at less than $2. I guess the fact that it doesn't seem worth it is exactly when three years ago and three years from now, your life looks totally different.

Chardsy said...

Sometimes its nice to know that your friends are there to protect you, even if it takes getting mugged to find out. Glad you are ok!

Alexa said...

i feel better knowing you have a greek man friend to protect you, obvy.

ToKissTheCook said...

Sass: No, we weren't internet friends yet but you better believe I'm making a beeline for your archives. That sounds like a hilarious kickbox of chivalry!!

Shawn: Another guy in my life I know would kick some serious ass. You silent warrior types:) I'm fine though and I'll see you soon!

CurlySue: Your boys in blue really impressed the hell out of me. Too often you hear the bad but these guys were awesome.

Nic: A friend in need, indeed and etc. Good to have great people around.

Cheryl: I just talked to the detective actually. I gave him my 3 year schpeal. He wasn't totally convinced but disdainfully added that should they plead guilty, they won't get the maximum. Just sad all around from that angle. And I woke up this morning having forgotten it'd happened.

Chardsy: Thanks! And yeah... people care and that's a good feeling always. I know I would.

Alexa: Ummm me too. He's made it very clear that he's going to go 300 should anyone touch a fat curl on my faux-Greek head.