Sunday, February 10, 2008

Devils & A Red Dress

Click for the bigger pic...Ben's wedding 3 years ago and Jesse's wedding last night.

I am typing this as I should be packing. I'm still hearing the words to Jesse's Girl and tasting Yellowtail chardonnay. My feet still hurt from hours in gold strappiness and my hair still smells like gardenias and cigarettes. There are things that have changed and things that never will. More tomorrow but I'll say I am glad that I got to be here.

All-night talks (and cake and margaritas) with JB, shopping & crepes with she and Kimmy, the wedding and promised debauchery, a rather charming pilot and a fantastic brunch are some of the highlights to be checked for tomorrow. Back to 0 degrees... of separation from my bed and my "grown-up" life.

*This will be a bigger post tomorrow but here are the pics...
My hosts, Jenn and Brian, are hilarious together. Definitely one of those couples that give me hope as people who start something good as adults in contrast to in college. They also appear to have worked out a good ratio of BS she puts up with from him/ BS no one puts up with from him:)
Can you tell I'm having a little too much fun with the Now & Thens? Brian and I have been friends for coming up on 20 years, non-negotiably ingrained in each other's business for 10. His mom (left) is one of my mom's best friends and something of a favorite aunt for me. Brian's parents will dance at my wedding. Brian will too if he's not passed out under a table or ejected for a terribly inappropriate toast. That is not an empty threat, dear.
Brian's brother Alex the All-American. Alex and I were super sober at Mystic Celt. Jenn apparently puts up with a lot from both Klimans. Alex was the subject of a manhunt through the zoo last night. More on that tomorrow. I also took artistic license and cropped myself out of this one. No thank you.
Right before our police run-in. We thought it was cold. It was 42 degrees warmer when this photo was taken then it currently is in Chicago..i.e. Not Cold. I was wearing a minidress, gold stiletto sandals and a cardigan. That's all.
TKTC Note: Bri, this isn't a bad look for you. By all means, make "The Rock" the new sexyface.


Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous! love the dress!

Anonymous said...

That dress looks amazing as do you!

Nilsa S. said...

Someone rocked out the red dress. Nice job!

Gina D. said...

Your makeup and hair look phenomenal w/ the red dress!!

btw what lip gloss is that?? I want. :)

ToKissTheCook said...

PBR, F&F and Nilsa: THANKS! Always fun to be a little scandalous this time of year :)

G: Well I will do a full Sephora play by play later on but the lipgloss is a very simple Sephora Collection lipgloss in "Rusted Rose." I lined at the beginning of the night with "Posh" from Benefit. You're such a love to notice!!

Emily said...

Stunning per usual! xoxo

So@24 said...

The before and after are unreal!

That was such a great idea to put everyone in the exact same position. Brilliant!

Who doesn't love a post with pictures, right?

Susie said...

Love Love Love the dress!!!

And the now-and-thens are priceless...Reminds me of my high school year book. Kind of want to do a now-and-then-and-then again!

ToKissTheCook said...

Em: I learned from the best...

So@24: Yea, the positioning is just how we naturally fall in. The groom this time is the one next to me in both pics. The boys are aging well:)

Sues: Thanks- it was super fun! And I really wish I had digital versions of our high school pics. Even funnier.