Wednesday, May 21, 2008


For awhile I had several items in my queue that I was looking forward to so now is as good a time as any to acknowledge that they were worthy of the hype:

Frontera Grill: That mole sauce. That guacamole. Rick Bayless is cool for several reasons, but the fact that this place is STILL awesome is pretty high on that list. Plus CVDJ, Mag and I have been sipping Corona Lights and Margaritas together for the better part of a decade now. Makes it feel like May in earnest to be with old school loves.

The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford: I fell in love with the soundtrack first. A collaboration between Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, the piano and cello are nothing short of hauntingly beautiful. Rather Lovely Thing in particular gives me the chills.
Just watched the movie tonight and would say the same. Brad Pitt may be "Brad Pitt" but he's a mighty fine actor on top of it and I've had a thing for Casey Affleck since he put his burger on layaway in Good Will Hunting. Such a stunningly shot movie. NETFLIX.

Iron Man: On top of the sheer pleasure of getting to drive 20 minutes to the center of an intricately built town, I got to go to the movies. One of my very favorite things and Shawn doesn't like to miss the previews either which is another reason we're friends. This is not your average superhero blockbuster. It is witty, it is thoughtful, it is well-done. Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow were perfectly cast and speaking of RDJ...I have missed him.

Seersucker: I wore wide-leg trousers with a matching vest to work today with a black T-shirt and I enjoyed every minute of it. Come on, Chicago...allllmost there.

Colin Hay: Former front man/ songwriter for Men At Work took on my latest favorite Chicago venue a couple weeks ago and Caro and I took front seats. It was the last night of his tour before joining Ringo Starr for his and Colin was clearly enjoying every minute of his own spotlight time. Funny. And still playing it well after all these years. Openers Kate Lamont & blueprint music are now on my radar as well- think Allison Krauss.

Move to Top of Queue:

CAPE COD: It may not be warm enough to beach but my entire Irish side of the family will be split between two houses and Susie's even coming over to witness the madness!! Two days!

Dori's Benefit: Tomorrow night I'm putting my hair in hot rollers and donning my fancy black taffeta dress (and probably having too many cocktails with Colleague) to fete one of my favorite fashionistas.

Garden Party: Co-hosting a summer soiree in the garden next weekend for TKTC and Caro's 25th birthdays (a week early for me, a week late for her). Lots of wine, food just as adorable as it is delicious, little vases of big blooms, every lantern/candlestick holder in my apartment and fabulous company on a nice afternoon. I'm bringing the kitchen table outside and setting out blankets to sprawl on. Yes.

Boys Night: All girls in the afternoon for the hostessed portion but the guys are meeting us at Pint later in the evening for all sorts of rambunction. All planes running in a timely manner, one boy in particular will be meeting many friends for the first time. Cross your fingers for both of us;)


Anonymous said...

me loves RDJ. love. wasn't sure abuot iron man though...

and i have been dying to try frontera, but everytime i get this close to going there, something gets in the way.

have a great weekend!

Molly McGuffin said...

ummm one of the boys meeting you at Pint better be who I think it is!!! keep me posted :) ummm and round two on the cote d'azur today ... it sends its love and misses topless jessi! although now I an not only handicapped but sunburnt as hell, as well :)

Katrin said...

I love garden parties! Hard to do, when nobody you know has an actual garden... Good luck with the "meeting the friends" - fingers are crossed! :)

shawn said...

I like how my name links to the Ironman entry on IMDB. It's appropriate being that I am, in fact, a superhero.

L Sass said...

I love your birthday party idea! I just love birthday parties... we are already planning mine for 7/24.

Joner said...

dammit Jessi! I soooo want to be at your garden party!! The only think keeping me away is the baby and the bride in St. Louis. Bahumbug.

Susie said...

I want to go to Frontera Rick.

Sooooo psyched for the Cape and to meet your fam!!

And I'd also like to come to your garden party and Pint, please. And to meet the special guest :)

ToKissTheCook said...

PBR: Get thee to Rick's place. It is really that good...and not that expensive!

McGuff: When in France:) There's one picture that doesn't go on the internet...

Katrin: You live in Vienna- I picture some beautiful green spaces! And thanks for the finger cross:)

Shawn: Whoops! Fixing it!

Sass: I love parties too!! All kinds of parties!

Joner: Damn it... after these weekends away, I think you're grounded until the big move.

Sues: I'm so excited for the Cape!!!! And you'll meet him one of these days...

Nilsa S. said...

Girl, you are living life right. All sounds fabulous - enjoy!