Friday, May 23, 2008

Society Girls

Well my singular "society" night was a lot of fun. Some of my favorite clients were in attendance and we are all honoring one of my favorite women. Seriously, Dor was Chicago's version of a supermodel...the fact that she was black and it was the 60's just made that all the more interesting. She's still stunning. And not in the crazy, lifted, sucked up, Botoxed way that many contemporaries are. She just is.

Although "guess how many needles it took" was a pretty hilarious (whispered) party game. I'm not judging, you want a little filler for those eyelines? You nursed 3 kids and want a lift? I totally get you. But for God's sakes, show a little discretion. Lest you have a black taffeta cupcake at one of your parties going "6 needles. 6 needles and at least 9 cc's of collagen...high or low?"
Mayor on the right, Dor on the left. It's a cell phone picture, but you can totally sense the fabulous, right?

Colleague and I like to play dress-up when we have a function. Tonight we were both in A-line black dresses with curls. Apparently having wine in the office bathroom may cause spontaneous twin syndrome (like getting ready for a 7th grade dance but better)... times like these I really appreciate working for a small company:)


Alexa said...

hottie. how fun! i love classy older women i aspire to be just like them.

yeah im a dork.

SeeLeigh said...

you, my friend, look like a little celeb! :)

L Sass said...

One thing I definitely will miss about working in development is the dress-up parties!

Nilsa S. said...

I wish my colleagues were as fun as yours. Enjoy it while you have it!