Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sun Salutations

Friday night dinner and Saturday afternoon garden party...on the right you will notice that my favorite tote bag has a French phrase on it. Translation: The sky is blue and clear. I have tanlines from my sports bra so...yeah.

I don't think we're out of the weather woods yet but today and last night were absolute splendor. Splendor in the grass at my house. My landlady is visiting family this weekend so my neighbor and I are holding down the garden. Can we talk about how nice it was to come home, make a 7 & 7 and weed the garden for a bit while the sun was still shining?? I forgot how much I love the smell of dirt and those rather annoying wild onions that spring up everywhere. I rewarded myself with Manhattan and a "chili cheese dog" from Veggie Bite.

No, PBR, my boyfriend wasn't working. Although I'm still pretty impressed with the rather ballsy move he pulled the last time we were in. PBRazz and I decided to grab a quick faux fast food a few weeks ago and as we were leaving, the cashier came running up to me and hands me my order ticket with a number on it. "The guy in the VB hat wanted me to make sure that you got this." Soy-eating grin while I frantically look to the back of the kitchen. He points at his hat.


Very friendly guy but I'll admit that I avoided the vegan mecca right by my house for a while after that. Till last night actually and damn was that chilidog the perfect thing to eat and read with on my front steps!

Today I got up with the sun and packed a bag of things to be donated to Brown Elephant, a bag to drop off at the dry cleaners, books to be dropped off at the library, $21.42 in change for Coinstar and my empty milk jug to trade in for a full at Oberweis (hate his politics, love his dairy...what's a girl to do?). I then left with my walking shoes on and strapped down with about 30 extra pounds.

It was gorgeous. I had my tunes going. Everyone on Milwaukee was smiling at each other. I even stopped in at Eskell to check out the summer wares and say hi to Kelly. The big news? She and Elizabeth just got picked up to do an exclusive line for Barney's! They leave for India next week to figure out the logistics but that is such exciting news. They opened shop in Lincoln Park a month after I moved to Chicago and moved to Wicker Park in the same interval. They're nice and crazy-talented so that made for some extra sunshine on a bright day.

After all of my errands were run, I picked up a six of Mothership Wit (an organic wheat ale from the producers of amber favorite Fat Tire) and a pulled chicken sandwich from Smoke Daddy. Set up shop sunbathing in the garden till Caro arrived to pick me up for nighttime festivities including Zen Noodles, Pint and a Photo Hunt through Wicked Park for Jean's birthday. Quality.


Nilsa S. said...

Yeah for making the most of our limited good weather days. I enjoyed it much the same!

Anonymous said...

yesterday was so beautiful - i tried to be outside as much as possible, until that storm showed up.

and now i am craving veggie bite and oberweis. thanks lady.

Molly McGuffin said...

why did you never mention this random number-at-the-hotdog-stand incident to me? i love it :)

et on commence les petits cours de francais la :) je vais essayer de t'appeller plus tard ce soir!

L Sass said...

New Belgium Brewing Co... yum...

Welcome, Spring!

Katrin said...

I wish I had a garden. I wish I had front steps. I wish I could have beer and a chili dog (in 23 pounds I will)... Oh well. I'll get over it. :)

The first (and only) time I had any "pulled" meat was at Hard Rock Cafe in London. The most embarrassing moment of my culinary life - I had a pulled pork sandwich and ask the waiter why he brought me tuna. Call me Jessica. I'm still blushing.

Colleen Snell said...

After reading that, I'm going to have to eat BBQ and drink a beer tonight. I'm blaming you.