Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh Really, Universe? Music Edition

I'll keep it brief. Y'all know I love my music but in two cases, I've now come to love the people making it as well. Obviously we have Jaimeson. But then there are also the boys collectively known as Blitzen Trapper. I came to know them about a year apart and they've both come to be standards here in Wicked Park.

Their music is completely different but both sets can hold their whiskey, put on a fantastic show, appreciate baked goods and stay chez TKTC when they come to Chicago (obviously in different parts of my little apartment) or even chez Brother in Boston. I've always suspected they would get along but they run in different circles and while I've mentioned each to the other, I hadn't really thought about it much.

Until this morning. Jaimeson called last night and we were chatting through when he was coming back, where the last show was etc. Cary was booked last minute for a gig in London so they were excited about a longer set and J's dad would be there for it. I thought, It'd be nice for Kate to finally meet Jaimeson so I'll look up the venue for her and send the link.

You've got to be kidding.

I knew Blitzen was over there but they arrived after I'd already come back so I just didn't think anything of it. But there they were. Playing the same venue as Cary. On the same night. In London.

My monsters are sharing a stage on Monday and somebody had better have some UK minutes left because that's a drunk dial I don't want to miss.

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L Sass said...

At least if you get a drunk dial, it will be during an amusingly early dinner hour for you, right?