Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Ghost in My Coffee

A chamomile toast to you loves who put some sunshine in a rather cloudy day today, whether you knew it or not.

I'm wrapping up my list at work, saying my goodbyes to the clients and contacts I've had for the last 2.25 years and in the midst... an email. Three lines long and three years late and every bit as unwelcome now as it was then. It's silly and it's pointless and there's no reason I should feel anything but apathetic but gew. Gew because I'm excited about so much right now and I felt like a ghost just wafted right up out of my coffee cup and I accidentally swallowed it. I had a hard time shaking the fog out of my ribcage for the rest of the day.

So it is time for bed. I have a hot cup of tea, a brand new book, all clean dishes and the A/C is cranked. Recipe for a good night's sleep and I don't have to so much as think about him tomorrow, sure as sugar haven't thought of him in a lot of yesterdays.

Instead I will wake up to sunny skies (sunny, high of 80!), a broccoli/green pepper omelet for breakfast, a long walk to work, a house dinner tomorrow night and one day closer to the glorious weekend. I'm ready to respire and radiate in that order!!


Katrin said...

Hope you can get some sleep now... You should, otherwise you will be too exhausted to enjoy the weekend. :)
My trick is hot milk with a bit of honey - works wonders!

dg said...

Yuck. I hate those emails. They always think the grass is greener, and when they've finished checking out the neighbor's yard, they realize all that green was just weeds and crab grass and they had it pretty good in their own little yard.

Molly McGuffin said...

ugh ... I can just smell the unwarranted cockiness drifting up from that old ghost, gross. as far as i'm concerned, the best thing that came out of that history was my cuddle encounter with sen, hehe.

spam it, delete it, forget about it, you rock it :)

Annie said...

Dearest Friend,

I miss your beautiful company. Now that I am permanently back in Chicagoland (at least for the next couple months) I would love to get coffee or dinner or any sort of mischief that would involve catching up with you. Is this a possibility?

loyally, annie

L Sass said...

I know how that feels. My ex contacted me during my last week at my old job. That work number was the only remaining contact info he had for me, so it was creepy that he chose to use it before I left!

Stupid ghosts. Your plans for today sound like the perfect exorcist.

Colleen Snell said...

You go girl! Ignore those men who creep out of the vortex.

joner said...

wh-whaaaaat? random.

Alexa said...

ok so august 16th ill be in chi and i am trying to meet a few bloggers for lunch on that saturday afternoon. you going to be around?!?!

TKTC said...

Thanks everyone- I really didn't sleep last night (as Katrin can attest!) but today I finished a lot of work and then had the most FABULOUS dinner and wine with my "housemates"...I'm exhausted in the best ways and am now just excited. Jaimeson will have been here for hours by this time Thursday and I'm over my odd patch!