Monday, July 7, 2008

Point-and-Click Pretty

Chicago is currently paying for a flawlessly beautiful weekend with a humid stormdoor of a Monday. In light of this (and in light of the fact that the article I’m doing on dermatitis is giving me a headache), I thought we could use some point and click pretty.

I’ve called her out before but Danielle over at the style files takes me into an amazing new headspace every day. This also fuels my wanderlust in a way that’s like being in heat for travelers but it’s worth it. Beautiful places and spaces always. Istanbul, Sweden and more recently Nicolas Matheus’ portfolio. I’ve put one of my favorites up top but make the jumps here and here to see the rest. I looked back through all of them first thing this morning and I think I’m still blushing.

The mailbox has also been very good to me lately. Saturday for instance I got the new Food & Wine and that roasted tomato bruschetta with honey and ricotta? On the list. Topping the list as a matter of fact. Blackberries with Lemon Cream on Toasted Brioche coming in a very close second.
And in the last but never least slice of beautiful Monday news… I’m officially walking down the aisle a second time, three and a half years after I did it the first time… as a bridesmaid.

Hurricanes at Pat O's after Brother's graduation last year

JB and I have been friends since we were somewhere in the neighborhood of 14- through home ec and softball and trading brothers as prom dates and black eyes (both of us!) and colleges hundreds of miles from home and all the fantastic firsts that came in between then and now. I am ridiculously honored not to mention silly enthusiastic about the fun to come!!! Plus, the dresses she’s picked out are a) Very cute b) J Crew sizing c) on sale. Gooooood bride:) Memphis in May at the Peabody... glad I have the better part of a year to prepare!


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

That dress is adorable and that food porn is making me long for something more substantial than saltine crackers and kombucha. Oh wait, I already was longing for something more than that.

Have you SEEN! Because I'm obsessed. And I'm not even vegan.

l.michelle said...

Wow to the dress and the food. Now I'm hungry and I want to go shopping.

Alexa said...

great dress. you are going to be a fabulous bmaid.

by the 8th time (yes, i have been a bridesmaid 8 times) you get the hang of it : )

nicoleantoinette said...

Cook those things for me immediately.


Katrin said...

I love the dress! The bride must be a wonderful person. And the food? Yum!

Nilsa S. said...

How the hell is your friend so freaking organized that she's already picked out her bridesmaids dresses 10 months in advance? She is my hero.

L Sass said...

VERY cute bridesmaid dress--I dig the J. Crew dresses (clearly, as I wore one to the wedding I attended last weekend!).

ToKissTheCook said...

Overcoat: I'm going to buy some Earth Balance right this second so I can try my hand at that Tarte Aux Pommes. Holy cow- I'm not vegan either!

L: Shall I feign surprise, my petite pal?

Alexa: It's still fresh for me and I'm pretty excited about this dress. So long as I have access to plenty of self-tanner!

Nic: Yes maam. The minute you land your ass in Chicago, consider it done:)

Katrin: She is! And I wish I could get brioche here as good as you can get it there. (whines audibly)

Nilsa: She has been wanting to get married for a good long time:) Don't worry, she also works in a very posh stationary shop so guess what else is done? Ding ding ding!!!

Sass: Oh I looooved your hot pink number. I love that cut with the high neck and low back. I'm just happy their clothes fit me pretty well!

Susie said...

Ooh I love that dress!! Sas just randomly bought me a Norway cookbook so we're going to whip up some foreign cuisine soon!

So@24 said...

I'm always impressed with your food. Your pics. And your food pics.

Good work, Cooky!

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

I looooooooove that dress. Unfortunately, J.Crew doesn't make many allowances for people who have boobs, so there's no way I could wear it. Which is a damn shame because it is SO PRETTY.

What color did she pick?

Molly McGuffin said...

I just caught up on everything from NY P2 and on ... well done, girlie! Now let's do some real catch up on the phone this week, talk soon!

Anonymous said...

that food looks amazing....

glad to hear your summer is going fabulously lady...miss being in the hood!