Monday, August 4, 2008

"Re-Blog" Remix

I could write quite the large post about the differences in community between the classic blog platforms and Tumblr but my first day of work is tomorrow and I may need to consider going to bed at some point.

That said, my favorite thing about Tumblr (2nd to ease of use) is the idea of the "Re-Blog" or basically the ability to quickly throw a Ditto on anything a buddy of yours introduces to the internets. Today I saw two quick quotes that I really liked and will thus share the old-fashioned way (the sources are worth adding to your readers):

“ If you are ten years out of high school and you say, ‘damn, those were the best years of my life,’ I don’t want anything to do with you. You scare me."
- Stephen King via better than cupcakes

“When sharing music becomes foreplay, you know you have something beautiful.”
-via sleepanddream

Five other tidbits:

  • I took two pounds of basil (the size of a bunch of swiss joke...bought for $2 at the farmer's market Saturday) and made an ice cube tray of overflowing pesto. It's my savings account for when I need to taste summer in the winter and a rainy day fund for when I come home ravenous but lazy.

  • Tomorrow I will have a bigger food post, including a special treat from Pop Pop that I recreated for dinner tonight because it sounded so good and I was aclready craving (sauteed bay scallops on fresh greens with dried cherries, goat cheese, crushed macadamia nuts and homemade dressing).
  • I have no idea what to wear tomorrow.
  • There are various withdrawal symptoms that seem to come into play after I've had quality time with a particular person. They are getting stranger. General malaise. Misplaced furniture. Sleep disorders. Giggling in public places at things that are not funny to the general public, nor generally myself, excluding specific company (ex: the eating of babies).
One of the more persistent "maladies" is the spontaneous display of various books throughout my apartment as a by-product of J's rather handy disposition. In June, it was The Alchemist that magically appeared on my coffee table. The Alchemist, as it turns out, makes an excellent straight edge for the re-hanging of mirrors.In July, it was Night by Elie Weisel. A heavy book considering its diminuitive size, I forgot till tonight that Night was being used to help buffer the unholy imbalance between my bass and other speakers on the TV. If my memory goes any further, there will be a full library of delicious Jaimeson ghosts in stacks around the apartment before I remember all their original purposes.

  • Ok, enough silliness. I have work tomorrow! I shall again be useful and join the commute into the pillars of people of this great Metropolis!

wish me luck...i'm leaving extra early in case the CTA proves to be too complicated for she who can't remember why there are books all over her apartment.


~Angela~ said...

Just added the Stephen King quote to my facebook. Nice.

Jenn said...

Good luck!

Nilsa S. said...

Yay for good memories of someone special and your first day of work. Go kick some ass, girl!

joner said...

bonne chance! Je te manque mais St. Louis est tres chouettte maintenant!

Colleen Snell said...

Good luck!!