Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Boys of Summer

I've been away, to be sure. And I've missed this but life has been in the mix and who am I to say no when life does that? Not me. Not ever me.

Specifically? I'm freshly returned from my parent's on Cape Cod. I realize now that I only loosely alluded to the trip which has been planned for some time and was a solid 4-5 days long. As opposed to Denver which came up at the last second and was less than 24 hours. The difference? I went to Denver for work and happened to get to see a good friend in the process.

This weekend? A little different. You see, I brought Jaimeson home to meet my parents. First time I've brought a guy home in...years.

Which I suppose brings us to the inevitable question of "How did it go???"

  • Jaimeson appeared in Boston (having flown all the way from LA) wearing a full seersucker suit, pressed white shirt and a pink tie.
  • Over the course of the next three days, things maintained that level of awesome.
  • J and Dad took to calling each other "Dude" in occasional address.
  • Brother and BBGF (Brother's Beautiful GirlFriend) took us to a reggae show at the Beachcomber. Lots of white folk and/or dreadlocks + several pretty amazing Marley covers. We drank cold beers in campfire light waiting for the show to begin.
  • The six of us had a stellar dinner at Blackfish in Truro where every single person shared bites off their choices. This after a 10 min negotiation so there weren't too many duplicates in ordering and after Dad revealed our family motto to Jaimeson. "(TKTClastname)s Share."
  • Mom interviewed J about "Band Life" and this may be transcribed for an upcoming post as it was amazing.
  • Dad shared his secret musical talent as a player of which J volunteered they should duet on "When I'm 64." Brother about had a coronary at the sheer prospect and I'm still hoping some kind of bribery might make that possible.
  • We had a perfect beach day. Seriously. 10am to 4pm with sun, a seal and a squeal heard round the world (that would be me getting into 60 degree water). J and I walked for all of 5 minutes before coming upon a stretch of nothing but dunes and surf. I love the Cape.
  • Said 60 degree water made me feel ridiculously alive. Bobbing along in the waves with a 6'3 anchor gives me a newfound "badass" perspective on an ocean that's wiped out many a boogie board in my day. Before and After below.
I could go on in bullets but we're getting to one of my very favorite parts. We'd decided to make to dinner Sunday night to take advantage of some of the bounty happening in the garden. By "we" I mean it was a full group effort. Even Brother got in the mix by making sure wine glasses didn't run empty!
The Menu:
Goat Cheese with Red Pepper Jelly and Crackers
Smashed Potatoes
The World's Most Glorious Greek Salad with Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette
Sirloins topped with fresh basil pesto
Corn on the Cob

As though Jaimeson hadn't already become the family crush, he stepped in to combine some garden variety ingredients into a masterful salad of cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, feta, romaine etc and the dressing. He'd rubbed a clove of garlic around the inside of the wooden bowl and then whipped oregano from the garden with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, more garlic, red wine vinegar and a dash of S&P. To kiss the cook indeed. Look at this spread!

The giggling technically began while we were prepping in the kitchen and only got worse as dinner started. Fun fact about your TKTC... I have a problem with the giggles. Almost always at family dinners, something will set me off and I. Can't. Stop. So as soon as J rather innocently makes an unexpected quip, Brother and Dad set out to prove a point. I think I still have a little potato in my nose from trying to stop (unsuccessfully). Just look at them...I never had a chance!!!

After an ice cream run to the Chocolate Sparrow and a cocktail or two at the Chatham Squire. We four little lovebirds (maybe little nosomuch- we average at 6 ft) stole a comforter out of the house and laid it down on an upstairs deck. You could see every star- every constellation and the fog of the milky way. Unreal. So much so that we all fell asleep and I get the distinct feeling that I was all but carried in like a tuckered out 5 year old. What a perfect day.

Monday was another trip to the beach for J and I then a sprint to Hyannis to catch the bus to Boston. After getting checked in, I got another girls. Jaimeson, ever so good at "holding court," held it up indeed at La Famiglia Giorgio in the North End. Sues and Sarah picked an amazing spot and two bottles of wine later, I was once again ready to be carried off to bed. Brother drove us back to our hotel and after a short night, I left for Chicago at 6 am.

I know this was a very topline piece (and look how long THAT got) but I'm hoping you see it. I think you probably do but let me tell you that having that many people you care about so intensely around for 4 days? My heart is swollen from the love and the life in that house. They know him now. And I feel like through that, I may know him better myself. And it keeps getting better and life is in flux. How divine:)


ANG* said...

aaaaaand your last paragraph made me all misty.
what a great weekend for you dear :)

nicoleantoinette said...

Eeee! This is wonderful :)

Jenn said...

I'm glad meeting the parents went so well :)

Nilsa S. said...

All your closest circles are intersecting. Bringing overlaps of love and joy and comfort. You are at the peak of your life. Keep enjoying. It's fun to follow!

Nilsa S. said...

PS - The Beachcomber?! sigh

Cheryl said...

Yay. I'm so glad it went well. I want to hear more, perhaps another bloggy lunch is in order?

Alexa said...

i actually thought about you the other day wondering how your trip went with the boy. and now that i am finally getting through my reader i now know.

i'm glad it went so well my dear! : )

Colleen Snell said...

How divine indeed! I just want to be a lady that can say, "on my weekend at the Cape." Yep, doesn't quite sound normal. Out of you - it is perfection.

Mine is more like, "On my weekend somewhere lost in Michigan."

Ben said...

The menu alone left me feeling weak in the knees...

Anonymous said...

oh i love this post....i'm so glad the visit when well....even better than well...sounds like it was fantastic!

Katrin said...

Fantastico! I wish I could tast that food... What a wonderful trip. :)