Monday, November 10, 2008

Gossip Girls

Much as though I would looooove to deny it, Gossip Girl is one of the highlights of my week. I wish I could cop to just geek-n-chic shows like The Office or Pushing Daisies or even the mildly controversial L Word on DVD but I can't. I love it. The only point I'll use to defend myself is that while I do enjoy the witty repartee between Blair Waldorf and that MotherChucker, I need my Mondays for the company.

I would be lost without my girlfriends. This particular grouping has been with me since college and it's only been this year that we've found a weekly schedule we can stick to. We rotate houses on the hardest day of the week to leave the office on time/ before 8. We order in or cook simply (Homemade Pizza Co. and Molly's Mini Cupcakes were tonight's delicacies), open up a bottle of wine and this is where the real gossip happens. Only it's not the malicious variety, it's work and health and, yes, boys. And new shoes and weddings and weekend recaps. And travels and families and laughing so hard you get wine up your nose.

I've described it as such before, but some people just remind you to take a breath and I'm feeling very lucky to have so many in my life. And on Mondays, no less.

*Hey Joner, we miss you and think you're kind've a rockstar for taking names at Girls on the Run!


TC said...

I'll admit it. Gossip Girl is my newest addiction. I wish I had a fun group of girls to watch it with :)

joner said...

single tear - miss you all too!!! I'll be back in Dec/Jan for sure!!