Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog As My Witness

As I've mentioned (probably to exhaustion), my parents are selling the house I was raised in. I'm not thinking about it a ton but going through every little piece of nostalgia in the attics and closets and underbeds was pretty fun.

The most fun? Prospecting. Namely, getting to give a home to a particular piece of furniture I've always loved, one that was not slated to be housed in Massachusetts or in Florida. In all of it's mid-century amazingness, I find that teak credenza much better suited for Wicked Park anyway- don't you agree?
Which brings me to the promise I've set out to make, one just over a year in the making. I am going to finish the second half of my apartment. The "office" will no longer be a collecting zone for my junk and clothes that should be consigned or donated. It has too much potential for that fate. By my estimation, it will require the following:
  1. Choose a paint color/ fabulous wallpaper for the back wall. This MUST be able to integrate into the kitchen space (giving up the ghost on painting it peacock blue) but should retain the space's independence.
  2. Storage options. If you click the photo montage above, you'll notice several spots that have become collection points for junk. You may have spent some time wondering if TKTC is really just a talentless hack with a one-(maybe two-) track mind. While you could be right on the latter, the prior is simply an untruth. I am nothing short of EXCELLENT at clutter. Clutter, piles, the creation of lopsided're dealing with a professional. Apologies, I don't do autographs (never did get that concept) but you can leave a comment and kiss the ring. I'm a wunderkind of "How the hay do you find ANYthing in here???"
  3. The correct wall decor. I have three beautiful pieces from my parents (you can see two leaning against the faux window in the far right image), an original photo of none other than an orange rose from the Pop Pop, the flower mirror currently hanging and one unframed concert poster that I like because it has many of my favorite colors in it. Mixed media, plenty of options.
  4. Rearrange the furniture in a way that makes sense, looks polished and maybe even provides a drawer/shelf for when the second set of keys to this apartment are in use. Somewhere near Seattle, Jaimeson just sighed. Per the heavy lifting, can I pay in pie?
  5. I also need to do something creative with all these damned (but mostly beloved) hats. Other than perching them on my steamer and jewelry tree of course:
And that my friends is my last pick-up from my parent's place. A solid cherry chair that has been recovered many many many times and will now be a proper desk chair for yours truely (how lovely is it with the desk and credenza!).

Now I need a lead on a fabulous fabric for this and expense is no object! Less that a yard of fabric, that's my kind of unlimited decorating budget! That said, HC already loves this chair so let's just say No up front to gold leaf, kidskin or silk. If I stick with a solid color for the wall, the new pattern could be a great way to jazz things up.

So there's my dirty (not really dirty, more just cluttered) little secret. I want to be better and I'm hoping getting this space polished will be a step in the right direction. This is a pre-New Year's resolution- wish me luck...and please send swatches!

And just to bring it back to food, here's another petite confession (beyond pile/stack mania)- I JUST learned how to properly make an omelet and triumphantly made a lovely one for dinner tonight. Jaimeson very patiently sat through a couple iterations of my former "omelets" before offering to trade cooking tips. I had two main issues with my form:
  1. I love "stuff." The more stuff in a recipe, the better. I like chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal and walnuts and salted caramel and dark chocolate chunks. I love pizza with everything on it (even anchovies if its a legit option/I'm in Italy). Same goes for omelets- stuff that sucker with six kinds of veggies AND cheese.
  2. I get lazy with my "stuff" (see clutter problem) and cook them a little first, then add the eggs to the pan.
This creates a massive, ugly scramble. NOT an omelet. So here's what changed (you probably already know this):
  1. I can still have loads of stuff in my omelet (tonight was red onion, garlic, spinach and a little goat cheese) but it needs to be only a half pan's worth or the egg is overwhelmed.
  2. Take out a plate and put the sauteed veggies on board. Respray the pan with PAM and then add the egg (2 eggs whipped with a little water for me). Wait a minute then lift up the sides an let the still-liquid egg fill in. One more minute then flip. Upon flipping, S&P then add your veggies and cheese and fold. Presto.
  3. I've started quartering my omelet because I like triangles and I'm flashy that way. J is very proud, I'm sure. And I'm pretty proud that with no butter or oil and only 1 oz of goat cheese, that was highly highly satisfying.


Shanti said...

ah, mastering the omelet is something i have yet to do. mastering the art of clutter is something i too suffer from. my hats go on my lamp posts and the flat ones go in the drawer. clearly, i am not the person to go to for advice on cleaning up/organizing.

Shelley said...

Way to go on the omelet. I've only made one good omelet and many attempts-turned-scrambled-eggs. What temperature do you have the stove set at when making the omelet? I have electric burners (lucky me!) and medium heat seems abnormally hot compared to my parents' stove at home.

Our food tastes are similar. I looooove lots of stuff on my pizza (and omelets) and I get annoyed when people I'm eating pizza with want to order just cheese or just pepperoni. Arg.

Cheryl said...

That is a lovely credenza, and the office project sounds fun. If you need help, let me know.

Cheryl said...

Oh and anytime you want to make those cookies, feel free to walk them up to 64.

Katrin said...

Yummy! Both, the omelet and the furniture. :) And thanks, now I know what I'll have instead of the lasagna that Martin is having. Sometimes I do not like being on a diet... :(