Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Trials and Tribulations of Brother

I did not warn Brother before doing this. Could have but... meh? So we've established that I found some gems while I was home last week. Not all of those gems were furniture....many were photos. Photos from middle school, proms, church camps and my parents pre-me.

What I 've surmised based on many of these photos? I am very lucky my brother still speaks to me. Ok, so he doesn't call so often but he does humor me on occasion. Brother, as you may have gathered, is a rather even keel little charmer. Very easy-going and always has been.

I'm now wondering if that wasn't a bit of a yin yang effect because growing up? eeeeeeeeee. Big sister was probably not going to be described that way: This is about right. Brother quietly assembling an instrument and I'm Vogue-ing for someone either cracking up or rolling their eyes behind the camera. Beyond my mother and aunt breaking out in tap dances every now and then, neither of my parents are terribly dramatic. I'll blame Pop for that. In fact, I think Pop actually gave me that outfit.
We took our music very seriously. I'm shocked that neither of ever developed musicality beyond sincere, avid appreciation.

Look at his face. The sparkling bowler hats? Not his idea. Can't protect him from the acid wash jeans though. There are dozens of photos like this.

Not so long ago (10 yrs?). Still sneaking up on him with lovely surprises. Like old photos on the internet.


RebeccaC said...

I brave you for sharing (which I realize is not a coherent comment, but it was literally the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the last photo of you mugging it in the crop top).

surviving myself said...

I had the exact same Batman pj's as your brother!

I always felt insanely awesome in them. In fact, I wish I still had them.

TKTC said...

RC: I appreciate it. My figuring is that everyone has a little baby pudge and meh? Would I post the same photo fast forwarded 10 years? HA.

SM: You didn't just feel insaneley awesome, you actually were that awesome. They need those in big kid sizes.

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