Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jacob Have I Loved...

Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

I know I probably shouldn't bring the First Testament into this but I stood in my kitchen looking at two trays of peppermint bark and it's all I could think.

I've been very domestic tonight, even given the exhaustion. I made 2 (1.5?) trays of peppermint bark AND finally got around to making soup from that frozen turkey carcass and the leftover dark meat. House smells so delicious and comforting right now which means good sleep coming soon.

Per the Peppermint Bark, I used the same recipe from last year for several reasons:
a) went over really well

b) is super easy, even when I don't get home till 8:30-ish

c) just the smell of melting bittersweet chocolate abates PMS symptoms. Not the white chocolate. I don't believe in white chocolate. Doesn't look like chocolate. Doesn't taste like chocolate. Doesn't melt like chocolate. In this recipe? Lovely...but please don't put it in a cookie. It's a waste of macadamia nuts, in my humble (?) opinion.

Last white chocolate rant- saw a gorgeous photo of blueberry clafoutis here and noticed a layer of creamy white baked into the cake. It was, sadly, white "chocolate" but in my version? It's going to be brie.



Cheryl said...

Mmmm, Brie. You know I love a good Brie. And I agree with you on White Chocolate. The only thing White Chocolate I like is a mocha from STarbucks, b/c the overly sweet white chocolate mixes with the coffee better.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Brie! You're blowing my mind right now, but you are SO RIGHT!

ETP said...

Couldn't agree more, white chocolate sucks.

TKTC said...

Cheryl- I should really link to you here because that brie/raspberry/puff pastry nirvana is what inspired my current craving!

Overcoat and ETP- I am so psyched not to be alone in my lack of respect for white "chocolate." I was seriously expecting some pushback there but I love it. The darker the better!

surviving myself said...

I honestly don't like Brie, it's too gooey for me. I like hard cheeses. Brie always makes me feel like I have to wash my face after I eat it.

Is that weird?

It's kinda weird.

jdbauer said...

Hi! Great blog. I just hope I don't find hair in my Esau. OK bad joke.